Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer – Inexpensive WiFi Solution That Will Help Make Your Internet Faster

One of the largest pains with WiFi is figuring out why it is so slow at times. Although it is tremendously faster than dial-up internet service, there are frequent moments when it seems as though you have hit a snag. WiFi networks can be very finicky creatures. There is a good chance that you are experiencing interference from other devices. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out what is going on, let the Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer find out what is going on.

Microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors are only a few of the culprits that could slow down or interfere with your WiFi connection. Most of us are familiar with the fact that these items can halt the progress of a download or just disconnect us totally for an instant. However, there a ton of other devices that have the same effect and sometimes more. Bluetooth devices and nearby WiFi networks that are not your own can interfere as well.

Since these interference issues will show themselves in a multitude of ways, they are the most difficult to diagnose. Most of us never think that receiving a phone call on our cordless phone can temporarily cause a loss of WiFi signal, but it happens frequently. The Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer will take the guesswork out of this entire situation. It is the perfect answer to most of your WiFi problems. The device looks like the standard USB key that most of us have seen before.

Installing the Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer does not take much time or effort. It is like setting upĀ superboost wifi. It is a simple process that can be completed in just a few short moments. The main part of the setup process consists of plugging it in. Once you handle this task, then you are ready to start analyzing your WiFi network. There is an installation CD that comes with the device, but it is completely optional. It contains a software utility and can come in handy when you are working on another system that is not your own.

As soon as you plug in the Wi-Spy Spectrum Analyzer, it will start looking for all the devices that are causing you unhappiness. All of the information will be presented in an understandable format. You will be able to quickly pick out the devices that are affecting your web surfing. There is even an option that will let you customize the data according to your own personal preference. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to adjust.

The Wi-Spy Spectrum Adapter is one of the best informational tools for diagnosing WiFi connectivity issues. You will no longer have to spend hours plugging and unplugging devices in order to see what is going on. Just insert this device into your computer and it will do all of the work for you. It is an affordable way to diagnose your WiFi issues instead of calling a professional that will charge you an arm and a leg. After using it, you will be able to download and surf the web faster than you could ever imagine.