Why are employers increasingly taking to Game-Based Assessments?

Game-based assessments are fast becoming the most preferred form of assessments among employers today. As the name says, this is a form of assessment, which tests the aptitude and soft skills of a candidate on the basis of his gaming quality and outcome. The games here could be anything, ranging from bandarq to modern video games. In fact, modern educationists are extremely fond of introducing game-based assessments in schools to assess little students. The post below offers a brief on the major advantages of game-based assessments

Offers vital insights

Added to the degrees and certificates, a professional also needs certain soft skills to make positive contribution to his workspace – and that too in long term. For example, a candidate may have the right management degrees but he cannot be the best manager of he doesn’t have problem-solving skills. Game-based assessments help to assess the different soft skills that can offer major insights about the true potential of an employee.

Adaptive assessment

The assessment test of a fresher should be different from a professional who has already gained a 5 years experience in the field. But it would be really unfair if both of them are forced to sit for the same level of assessment test. The test could be too complex for the fresher or too easy for an experienced professional. Most importantly, the insights that will come from the assessment would be unproductive in evaluating both of them.

But game-based assessments enable you to customize the assessment tests as per the most suitable skill and knowledge level of each participant. This “adaptive” quotient assures a fair and productive assessment.

Less stressful

Game-based assessments are anyday less stressful than conventional psychometric tests. As everything here happens through games, participants can stay more relaxed and more responsive. No wonder, game-based tests usually command a huge participation.