What’s Up for Introverts with Attitude

Are you an introvert? Before answering yes or no, let us first get to know the meaning of the word. An introvert or a person with introvert personality is often shy, reticent and at times introspective. So the person possessing such is often turning inward. They are also focused more on internalization. They don’t like seeking out outside stimulation. And because they are quieter and reserved, they can be misinterpreted as having a disorder. Introverted people don’t like to multitask in a social situation. They only want to deal with one event or situation at a time. Hopping from one party to another can tire them. If you are a What’s Up user with introvert personality, then these are few examples of statuses that are introverted.

Witty and Somewhat Emotional

“Don’t doubt me… You know that no one knows me better except you.” There are sad statuses like “I stay home alone because I know I’ll die alone and lonely.” Most introverts are bookish, so you will also read something like “Books are friends. All these talks can be tiring.” So, do you want to know if your friend is an introvert? These are a few examples of how you can tell. And if you are an introvert person, then you can also post endless statuses with these combinations and more. It depends on your creativity.

Introverts Have Attitudes Too

Just because they are somewhat shy or silent, doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. You can also tell through the attitude posts. Thus, this will be something with emoticon or graphics and then a few lines describing their mood.


Posting in What’s Up is fun. It connects people all over the world. If you are an introvert, then you can also meet other introverts. Then you can start posting attitude status in Hindi.