Uploading a Lyric Video: Is It Legal?

If you spend time listening to music on YouTube then you have probably seen music videos with lyrics, you can find animated lyric video here and there on the platform. Now, the question is, is it legal to use these videos?

The answer is more complicated than yes or no. It is illegal but not exactly. The copyrights of the music are with the creators and distributors of the music, like Sony Music or T Series. If you use these songs in your videos it is not illegal if you are using them under the Fair use, which is giving criticism or commentary to the video or creating parodies and if you are not making any money out of the video. Now, the problem is that YouTube works by its own algorithm.

If you use a song or audio file the sound will be matched with the soundtrack reference. Now, the original owner of the song can claim your videos and that can happen in three ways.

  1. The Owner Will Monetize Your Video.

This means there will be ads on your video but the revenue will go to the music owner not to you.

  1. The Owner Will Track Your Video.

Nothing will happen to you or your video, you are lucky if this happens.

  1. The Video Will be Blocked

The video will be blocked because you violated YouTube’s copyright policy. This will take away the features like Monetizing and adding customizable thumbnails. If you get three such strikes, your channel will permanently be deleted.

Now you know how copyrights work on YouTube and how platform’s actions can be dangerous if you upload some copyrighted content on it.

So, if you are not planning to make money out of your lyric video then you are good to go.