Unravelling The Secret Behind Grand Theft Auto’s Popularity

What is Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game series published by Rockstar Games. The game is set in fictional places inspired by actual cities. The player can choose a character and a mission which moves the plot forward. The player can also engage in many side missions. There are also numerous other activities for a player to indulge in. All of these missions require stealth, action, role-play, driving, shooting a third person, carjacking and racing. The game has many different protagonists who are all trying to rise the ranks of the underworld. Their motive for these actions changes every game. The enemy is typically a person who has either betrayed the player or their organization or is simply creating hurdles and barriers in the protagonist’s path to success. Many famed and prominent film and music personalities have lent their voice to this game. The game is a grand success, smashing all records on the way.

What makes Grand Theft Auto the best game?

Grand Theft Auto has been a favourite of everyone for many years now. Even though the first game released early in the nineties, the game is still popular. So here’s what makes the game so popular:

  • GTA V Mobile plays a major factor in its popularity. More people prefer playing games on their mobile phone than on the computer. By introducing the GTA V Mobile, it has managed to entice the younger generation.
  • The game gives players to be the criminal and take part in dangerous missions. The plot line is very enthralling and engaging. The game in itself is very addictive. And most importantly, the game along with its missions and action sequences is still very relevant even today. This makes it extremely popular amongst the masses.
  • It is a multi-player game, making it great for parties and other such occasions.

The game is still hugely popular both amongst the critics as well as the masses. It is an excellent game that everyone should try out.