Soccer Cleats – Different Types For Different Reasons

When playing soccer, shoes or cleats are the most important wear that every player must give importance to. Aside from heads and knees, our feet are the most used boy parts in playing soccer. Furthermore, soccer can be played not only in one type of field but also in wide variety of areas. Each field requires a specific pair of cleats for players to play comfortably and conveniently. Thus, here are some of the soccer cleats with different types and for different reasons.

Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Firm Ground Soccer shoe is considered as the classic soccer shoe that have cleats or studs designed to give stability and traction on most grass, natural grass to be specific and outdoor soccer fields. Generally, this type if soccer shoes has series of conical or bladed non-removable TPU / PU / rubber studs.

FG/AG Hybrid Soccer Cleats

There is relatively huge difference between artificial and natural grass in soccer and each of them requires specific pair of shoes. Unfortunately, this requirement will be expensive for players. But thanks to the creation of FG/AG Hybrid Soccer Cleats, players can now have cleats that can be used both in artificial and natural grass.

Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

Soccer is often played in an open area. Hence, when the weather quickly changed from a sunny to a rainy one, the texture of the surface of the field started to change into a muddy and wet ground. Using an ordinary soccer shoes will be difficult for players to deal on a soft ground. But using soft ground soccer shoes, players can still run and play functionally.

Indoor Soccer shoes

Soccer can also be played indoor. Hence, the ground will be covered in carpet. The best shoes to wear on this field is indoor succer shoes. Just like playing online in dominoqq, wearing the right weapon and pair of shoes is a huge necessity.