Playstation Home Delayed, Again

The Playstation Home has been delayed yet again. This marks the second huge delay for Sony’s online community service. The Playstation Home was first shown at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2007. It immediately made a splash for its ambitious features: a virtual world where you could chat, play games, watch movies, visit game spaces, view your trophy collection (which can be earned by achieving certain aspects to a game; think Achievements for the Xbox 360) and more. Furthermore, Playstation Home was to be free of charge for consumers; revenue will be earned from in-game advertisements and optional micro transactions.

Its debut didn’t come without criticism, however. Many people thought that the project was a little over ambitious and doubted if Sony can really pull it off without the need of a paying subscription service. Others don’t really see what the fuss was all about as they see the Playstation Home as nothing more than a Second Life clone. Still, even with different vantage points, everyone anticipated the release of Playstation Home.

Sony originally had a schedule to roll out the Playstation Home service to Playstation 3 gamers in 2007. A closed beta would have taken place from April to August, followed by an open beta for August to October and the full release in October. As the year passed, however, the Playstation Home simply disappeared with the exception of an appearance at E3.

The Playstation Home started the closed beta phase in April of 2007. The beta was extremely limited with several of promised features missing. Although Sony later upgraded the service, it was still a far cry from what was previously envisioned and shown. Because of this, a lot of people suspected that the Playstation Home will see a delay.

Expectations were made into reality when Sony announced in September during the Tokyo Game Show that they have pushed Playstation Home back to spring 2008. That was heartbreaking for both fans and Sony, who had counted on Playstation Home being one of the main selling points for the Playstation 3 during the holiday season.

2008 came and Playstation Home seems to be on the horizon. Some Playstation 3 games were using a reward type system that many speculate to be compatible with the trophies system from the Playstation Home. Hopes were dashed once again with the latest delay announcement, however.

The Playstation Home is now expected to have an open beta test in the fall of this year. The year-old closed beta test will be extended through the summer. The final release date is nowhere in sight but Sony said they will gradually roll out with new updates and features. The Playstation Home that was shown Game Developer’s Conference in 2007 is going to take awhile, to say the least. Today, new online games are being created like situs judi online terpercaya and they are expected to develop even better in the future.