Personal Injury Lawyer: How Do They Get Paid?

Let’s say you have been to an accident, a car accident at that, and the car who bumped you is the one at fault. Now you have been injured and wants to sue the other party and bring this to court. For that, you want to employ the expertise of a personal injury lawyer to help you through the ordeal. There is this one question that bugs you: how can they get paid for their services?

They Get Paid By The Work They Do

All lawyers, no matter what field they are expert with, charges fees depending on the work they do. Thus, this is called contingency fees, and this fee depends on the outcome of the case.
You went through the whole ordeal successfully, meaning you win the case, then your lawyer will receive a settled percentage of the amount you are granted. This percentage is paid beforehand before both you and your lawyer start working with your case.

Other Fees

Aside from the contingency fees, there are also other means that your lawyer can be paid too, like legal Expenses or fees, such as legal research, investigation fees, jury fees, expert witness fees, and so on. And it can be charged on you by your lawyer. Typically this is paid after you won the case and received the amount you sue the other party.
If your case loses, lawyers need the reimbursement for their expenses no matter what the outcome is.


With these, personal injury lawyers, such as Maryland personal injury attorney, are very keen on choosing their clients and the case to work on. Thus, this is also the reason why others only accept certain kinds of situations. With consultation, you can always check first the lawyer you choose before going in with them for your case.