Online Gaming, Pc Lighting & Impact On Sleep Quality In Children

There is much written about the effects of computer games, played in the evening, upon quality of sleep and how sleep can be impaired by the evening effects of video and computer games. For many parents, the restricted access of their children to video games serves to promote early bedtime and more quality sleep. Even with the best efforts, however, children and teens are continuing to sleep fewer and fewer hours, experiencing a reduction in quality of sleep.

In today’s society, it is estimated that nearly 50 percent of all children and teenagers go to bed later due to video game or computer game access. This later bed time equates into few sleep hours for many of these same children. In addition, the degree to which your child experiences a complication of sleep may result from not only the timing of the video game or computer game play, but also the degree to which the task is considered complex and the amount of actual time spent engaged in that game. Considering these factors, timing, length of time and degree of challenge, you can improve your child’s sleep time and quality.

In addition to the factors of challenge and timing, parents are also learning that lighting may have a key role in the quality and quantity of sleep in the child who engages in video game play time. Because evening, and decrease in light, brings about a rise in melatonin, sleep is naturally induced. However, in children who engage in computer and video games in the evening, the release of melatonin may be delayed due to the artificial lighting projected from the television screen or computer screen. As a result, the playing of video games and computer games late into the evening may result in a delayed circadian rhythm in your child.

To promote sleep earlier for your child, when they are engaged in video games or computer games, you may want to consider dimming the light on the monitor. Without your child knowing it, this dimming effect can reduce the amount of lighting the brain is exposed to, thereby creating a lower adverse effect on the release of melatonin. Before your child begins using the television or computer, simply adjust the lighting to a lower level using your pre-set menu options.

If, after lowering the light display on the monitor, you find that your child continues to experience abnormal sleep patterns, it may be prudent to begin restricting the access to specific types of video or computer games. By limiting the evening access to only those games that are simplistic and less mentally challenging, you can reduce the degree to which your child’s brain activity is adversely affected.

While many child psychologists and pediatricians recommend complete prohibition of computer games and video games to children in the late evening hours, parents often find this can be quite challenging. In an effort to naturally promote your child’s sleep, consider the modification of the light display on the monitor as this restriction of light may, ultimately, protect the production of melatonin and promote your child’s sleep. You can try card games at situs poker online terbaik that are less time consuming and as you play with online players it would be easier to limit the time your kids spend online.