New Features On Instagram That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

One of the main reasons why social media are successful today is because it doesn’t stop to develop overtime. Instagram, for instance, is continuously evolving towards a more efficient and fascinating version. Hence, there are some features on Instagram that you may not have tried yet. So to help you out, this article will provide you some of the best and fun things that you should try on Instagram. You probably thought of these before so enjoy and be surprised.

Instagram Stories Countdown

When you add a countdown sticker in your IG stories, you will be given a chance to set a future time and date and it will automatically count down for you. You may be wondering what is the essence of this feature. Well, basically, you can use this feature for the countdown to a new product that you will be releasing soon. It can also be used as a countdown to a live video.

Instagram Stories Poll Sticker

Another best and fun things that you should try on Instagramis its IG stories poll sticker. This is considered as one of the first interactive elements to get added to IG ad studio. Hence, this IG feature is best to use for your next advertisement.

AR Filter

AR means augmented reality. This feature adds layers and masks to the world around you. AR filters are very common that you can see in most of the IG stories of your friends. Thus, you can use this to add some fun in your next stories or posts.

Close Friend list

Lastly, one of the newest features added to Instagram is the close friends list. Basically, this feature allows you to share your Instagram stories to your chosen friends or followers only. So if you want to share something about Momentology, you can opt to share it with all of your followers or just with the close friends list.