Negative Side-Effects Of Playing Pubg

Before Fortnite took the online gaming community by storm, there was a massively-multiplayer online battle royale game that everyone was playing. A predecessor to Fortnite if you will. Player Unknown’s Battleground, more popularly know as PUBG, is often considered as the game that put the online battle royale game format in the gaming community spotlight.

Even though Fortnite has taken majority of the audience share in the battle royale game category, and the emergence of new but similarly-formatted games such as Apex Legends, there are still a respectable number of players that prefer competing in PUBG, even going as far as utilizing PUBG hacks to gain competitive advantage. And though PUBG is a great game to promote a healthy competition, there are still a number of mental and physical health issues that’s associated with it.

Here are some of the negative side-effects PUBG has on its players:

Too much violence leads to mental health problems

Given that this is a shooting, battle royale, online multiplayer game, a certain degree of violence is acceptable. However, due to the players’ freedom to practically do anything in-game, there are instances where it allows, and to a certain extent, promotes too much violence which ultimately affects a player’s mental health.

Getting hooked in the game will eat up most of your personal time

A single game in PUBG can take about an hour to finish. And because the gameplay and immersive make it so pleasurable to play, it’s common for a player to finish 3-4 games without noticing how much time has passed by. Yes, it can be enjoyable playing a series of PUBG games, but if it starts eating up most of your time in a day, rendering you not being able to do more important tasks, then it’s not healthy anymore.