Linux Versus Windows – Which One Is Better

Windows and Linux are two types of operating systems. Windows is available with a complete series and developed by the Microsoft. It is used for managing activities and some other factors on all types of desktop devices or computers. If we talk about the Linux then it is mainly based on the UNIX. It is categorized under the open source operating system. It was created in the year 1991. With the help of this guide from Brian on Sensors Tech Forum you can get more details with ease.

Mainly the linux is used by the individuals as a kind of server. If we talk about most of web pages then these are generated with the help of some specific operations. These operations and functions are performed on the linux operating system. Upcoming points can help you in understanding the difference with ease.

Variety of options

If we talk about the linux then it is associated with numerous distributions. These distributions can be customized as per the needs to users. In case you are going to be focused on the windows then it is associated with less customization options or features.


The users are required to follow a complicated process when it comes to the installation of complete system. When it comes to complete tasks with the help of linux then the interested ones can easily perform such task. The installation of windows will take lots of time. If we focus on the user’s experience then you can get better experience here.


Linux is formed with the help of a good support system. There is a big community available on the internet which is formed by the users. Windows is associated with a good support system. The interested ones are also capable of access paid support system.