Investment Options For Foreigners In Singapore Real Estate

The development of high-rise condominiums and apartments are very fast especially in Singapore and it is definitely a good way to invest. If you are a foreigner or an expat looking to invest on Singapore real estate you’ve probably heard of their Residential Property Act which allows foreigners or expats to purchase apartment or condominiums without the need of approval from Singapore Land Authority.

There is also an option to acquire a bigger property like vacant lands, house and lot, and other residential property upon the approval of Singapore Land Authority. Real estate purchasing is a really good income opportunity. You can do several things with your acquired property and some of it is listed below.

  1. Property Rental

The most common target customers for this kind of business are the Singaporean residents who don’t afford to buy their own house. It is also possible for Singaporean workers or students who need a place to stay closer to their school or work. This can become a great monthly income opportunity especially if you are looking to earn immediately.

  1. Transient House

It is somehow the same with property rental although; the transient house is for short-term lease only. The target customers for this are the foreigners or tourists who will be staying for short term business purpose or for purely tourist purposes. This is the best way to earn fast and see the product of your investment. You can easily attract customers by promoting it to your friends or the friends of your friends who want to visit Singapore.

  1. Office Space Lease

Freelance and outsourcing are most common these days and along with that the working space is not just found on common business areas where other firms are located most business owners also prefer getting a small flat that can fit their few employees this way it is more efficient for their business.

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