How Far Can A User Go On A Hoverboard With One Charge?

One of the factors that a buyer should consider in buying a hoverboard is the speed of the device. Speed plays a vital role not only in making your buying decision but also in your actual usage of this fascinating toy. Generally speaking, the maximum time that a hoverboard’s battery lasts is from three to four hours and it can provide you a mileage of 15 miles per hour. While this is true to all quality brand hoverboards, there are still some factors that affect the speed of a hoverboard. Want to know what they are? Read on and learn the factors that affect how far can a person go on one charge on a hoverboard.

Battery brands

It is a given that battery capacity and age reduce as you ride your hoverboard over time. However, quality and well established brands like LG and Samsung battery cell usually last longer than any other brands of battery cell. Hence, in choosing a hoverboard, you should check the product description and see the brand of the battery it uses.

Condition of the Road

To be technical, riding a hoverboard on a flat surface allows battery to last longer than in rough terrain such as grass, gravel, sand, carpet ect.

Rider’s weight

Another factor that affects the speed and distance of a hoverboard is the weight of the rider. Obviously, a hoverbaord with a heavy rider will make it slower than in a hoverboard with a light rider.

Type of Hoverboard

The types of hoverboard also affect its speed and battery life. While all hoverboards regardless of size and type have the same mileage, some types like 8,8.5 to 10 sized hoverboards can last longer on rough terrain. Now that you know how far can you go on one charge on a hoverboard, you can now buy Lamborghini hoverboard top speed.