Handling A Dental Emergency

At some point we’ve all tried handling a dental emergency, either our own or someone else’s. How successful we are depends on us remaining calm and knowing what to do until you can see a dentist.

Toothaches, broken teeth and other dental emergencies should be taken care of as soon as possible, but sometimes these emergencies happen when you can’t get to a dentist for one or two days.

So I’ve prepared a list of emergencies that could happen to you, and how to help alleviate the pain to a degree that can be handled until you reach a dentist.


I’m sure the majority of us have experienced a toothache in our lives, and we’ve probably done some really silly things trying to get rid of the pain.

But since a toothache comes from a dying nerve, or inflamed nerve, the pain will persist until the tooth is either extracted, or you have a root canal.

So until you can get to a dentist, try using an OCT analgesic, or use a few drops of oil of clove. This will deaden the pain to a point where you can at least function.

Whatever you do, don’t put aspirin directly on the tooth or gum, and do not use a heating pad.


When you have an extraction, there will always be some bleeding. But if you’re still bleeding an hour after the extraction, you can press an ice cube wrapped in gaze on the area, or you can use just the gaze itself.

If this doesn’t stop the bleeding, then you can put a wet tea bag on the area. Sometimes extraction of a tooth, especially the molars, will leave your jaw bone exposed. If this happens, then the dentist should use sutures to close the opening, and this should stop the bleeding.

If you’ve tried everything above and you are still bleeding, your best course is see if your dentist has an emergency number you can call. They should either give you information that will help stop the bleeding, or they will have you come back in the same day for an emergency visit.

Mouth Sores:

Mouth sores can be either cold sores, sores caused by mouthwash with a high alcohol content, burning your mouth from hot food, or from eating food that is too acidic.

If it’s a sore from using mouthwash, eating hot food, or acidic food… then make a baking soda paste and apply it to the sore area. If it is a cold sore… then you can use an OTC topical anesthetic or analgesics.

Depending on the type of sore, any of the above methods will bring you relief from pain. Of course, if the problem persists, then you should see your dentist or doctor. Also, if the problem stems from using a strong mouthwash, you may want to consider using something with less than 25% alcohol.

Broken Crown or Tooth:

Accidents do happen where you can either loose a tooth, crown or filling… so if this happens, you can use an OTC analgesic to control the pain until you get to a dentist.

You may also want to stay away from anything too cold or too hot, because this only aggravate the problem. When you do go to the dentist, be sure to take the broken piece of tooth, crown or filling with you.

Knocked Out Tooth:

This is totally different from a broken tooth. This is a tooth that has been completely knocked out, root and all, and you would treat the bleeding from this, the same as you would treat bleeding from an extraction.

Which is applying ice, gaze or a wet tea bag, and even though the bleeding is important, the most important thing is handling the knocked out tooth properly.

Why, because if handled properly, this tooth can be transplanted back into your gum. So very carefully rinse the tooth in either milk or water, and please don’t separate any soft tissue that is attached to the tooth.

After rinsing, put the tooth back into a fresh container of either milk or water, and take it with you to your dentist or the emergency room. The quicker this is done, the better chances you will have of saving that tooth.

Gum Boils:

I suffered from these as a child, and they are very painful. Gum boils are caused by the same thing that causes any boil. It’s a swelling with pus that has come from either gum disease or an infection.

Either way it is important that you get to a dentist as soon as you can, but until then, just keep rinsing your mouth out with warm salty water. This will keep the pus draining.

Hopefully none of this will ever happen to you, because handling a dental emergency is not fun. They always seen to happen on the weekend, when everyone is closed.

This is why I think it’s important to find a dentist that handles emergency calls. That way, you have access to him after hours and on weekends.

Some dentist will even come to the office on their weekends off, if it’s an emergency for one of their patients. Some will even call you at home after you’ve had an extraction, just to see how you’re doing and if you are having any problems.

So find yourself a good dentist, one that offers more than just 8:00 to 5:00 office visits during the week.

The aforementioned can happen to anybody so therefore everyone has to take extra care of their teeth right from a young age as it will eventually blossom into a well maintained practice. The dental conference 2020 that is to take place in a few days’ is conducting seminars regarding the same issue.