Fascinating Perks Of Co-Sleeping

In today’s society many people frown upon co-sleeping with their babies. Some doctors support this belief claiming it promotes poor sleeping habits and can increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). There is also research promoting the benefits of co-sleeping such as increased emotion closeness of the mother and child, sounder sleeping for the mother and child, increased independence by the child, and a decrease in the risk of SIDS.

The research supporting either idea can be confusing, how can co-sleeping be both beneficial and detrimental is a question most people ask. The simple answer is that some people are better suited for co-sleeping than others; it is a very personal choice such as bottle feeding their baby or choosing to breastfeed.

When A Parent Should Never Co-Sleep

A parent should never co-sleep if they are taking any medication or drug which may cause them to sleep heavier than normal, if they have been drinking alcohol, or if they sleep so heavily they are prone to having trouble waking easily. In any of these situations in which a parent my have trouble waking to the baby moving around in the bed, for one reason or another, they should not co-sleep with their baby.

Avoid co-sleeping if you buy Modafinil in the USA as well.  Taking such medication keeps you awake during the day, but makes you sleep heavier when its effects goes off.

An alternative to co-sleeping which is safer for these babies and their parents is side-car sleeping. This special crib fits snugly against the side of the adult’s bed for easy middle of the night feedings or diaper changes while still giving the baby his or her own sleeping space. This sleeping solution is also beneficial when only one parent is the heavy sleeper or if only one parent wishes to co-sleep.

Every Day Benefits Of Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping is a great option for working parents; mothers most especially tend to feel guilty for leaving their babies to work outside the home. Co-sleeping allows mothers or fathers and baby to “catch up” at the end of the day, sometimes feeling the baby (or for the baby feeling the parents) close all night can help everyone feel more connected the following day.

Children that co-sleep are more confident than other children in many cases. This is because of the same “re-charging” emotional effect, it gives children the confidence that their parents will be there to meet their every need and that is a strong foundation for a child to build their self confidence on.


The most intense opposition for most people to co-sleeping is “it is impossible to get a child out of the parent’s bed once the child is allowed to sleep there”. A lot of people claim this to be true; however the truth is that it is completely dependant on the child and the child temperament. Some children are more independent than others are and will take to sleeping in their own bed immediately, other children will be more difficult and will take longer to wean to their own bed.

Today’s society in many aspects is too quick to push independence on our children. It is only natural for a baby to want to be near his or her mother for most or all of their time after birth, they were living inside the woman for their entire existence. It is instinctual for the baby to desire the comfort and protection of his or her mother. There is always time to gradually encourage the natural independence children demonstrate to teach the child to sleep in their own bed, drink from a cup, use the toilet, and every other milestone.