The Most Comfortable Pair Of Heels You Can Wear For Work

For most women in the corporate world, going to work means having to endure hours of torture and pain brought about by heels. Heels are considered a staple corporate shoe of choice for women despite them being quite uncomfortable to use. Recently, designers have started trying to make fashionable and trendy heels that are comfortable to use, bridging the gap between comfort and professionalism.

Though there are ways to make a pair of heels comfortable, one key factor is having a good sole. Some even insert mindinsole into their heels to make them comfortable to use for an extended period of time. Then there those that have built-in comfortable soles that help cushion the feet for optimal comfort.

Here are some of the most comfortable heels women can wear for work:

LifeStride Women’s Parigi Heel

Considered a basic pair of heels because of its classic but timeless design, this pair of shoes works great with just about anything you wear. This particular pair of heels feature LifeStride’s signature “Soft System”, small air pockets in the sole near the toe which provides cushioning and ventilation for your feet. While the bottom sole has anti-slip grippers for stability and safety.

Dream Pairs Women’s Mila Heel

Dream Pairs Mila Heel features a low-heeled pump which adds comfort while still maintaining that professional and classic look. The synthetic leather stretches to accommodate movements and the latex insole provides optimal cushion to the ball of your feet for added comfort. Unlike stilettos, Dream Paris Mila heal is only about 1.5 inches tall with a wide square base, which not only makes it comfortable to use the whole day, but also adds another layer of security and stability.

Anne Klein Sports Women’s Wedge Pump

This sports wedge from Anne Klein has a padded insole that provides extra cushioning to keep you looking professional while still keeping you comfortable. The outer sole is made of rubber, providing traction and sturdiness which helps with stability. Not technically heels, but this pair of shoes provide similar “lift” benefits while keeping your feet and legs comfortable.