A Teacher’s Guide to Planning Field Trips for Preschoolers

In preschool, preschoolers learn about the world around them through learning centers, hands-on activities, and dramatic play. Why not transfer that love of learning to an educational field trip? Field trips can be a lot of fun for preschoolers, teachers, and parents. The preschool east gwillimbury does the above activities more often than others, therefore it is the first choice of parents to enroll their kids.

Field trips to the zoo, public library, or to a fire station are great ways for preschoolers to learn about their community. As you plan a field trip for preschoolers, these seven tips will serve as an essential teacher’s guide.

1. Choose the right field trip

The best field trips for preschoolers are those that are both educational and interactive. Preschoolers will more likely stay engage and have fun if the field trip allows them to use most of their five senses.

For example, if you choose a field trip to a garden, then preschoolers would probably use four of their five senses. Preschoolers would see a variety of flowers, touch and smell the flowers, and hear about ways to care for flowers. When in doubt, use your senses as a guide when choosing your next preschool field trip.

2. Visit the field trip location

Visit the location even if you have been there several times. You will likely see the site differently as you look at it as a prospective field trip for preschoolers. On your visit determine the locations of restrooms, eating areas, and emergency exits. Identify possible safety hazards or try to anticipate ways preschoolers can get into trouble. Preparing for possible problems will be key to planning a successful field trip. If you do have any concerns, write them down so that you can review them with the site coordinator.

3. Organize essential paperwork

Since all preschools have their own special paperwork for field trips, make sure to closely follow your school’s guidelines. Send field trip permission slips home early so preschoolers have ample time to return them. Create a folder with emergency contact information for each child, the school’s contact information, and other emergency numbers in your folder. You may also want to include contact information of chaperones, the field trip site coordinator, and the company in charge of transporting your class to the field trip.

4. Plan for snack time

Prior to your field trip, determine the amount of packed lunches or snacks you will need. Even if the children are in charge of bringing their own snack, bring extras just in case a child forgets. Keep all food in a cooler to prevent any food safety issues.

5. Plan for the worst

What will you do if a preschooler becomes separated from the rest of the group? What if a child gets hurt? Help prevent situations like these by planning ahead. Make sure to bring a first aid kit with you for minor cuts and injuries.
Having each child wear a name tag with the school’s contact information clearly visible, can also be helpful. If at all possible, see if your preschool can purchase field trip t-shirts that are the same color, so that you can easily track each child.

6. Account for each child

Give each preschooler the responsibility of knowing at all times the whereabouts of a fellow preschooler. By doing this, it encourages preschoolers to be more vigilant of each other and their surroundings. You should also perform several head counts during the entire field trip. Count how many preschoolers you have before you get to the location, once you arrive, during lunch time, before you leave the location, and once you arrive back at the preschool. Doing these regular check ups can help ensure that each child returns safely back to school.

7. Practice correct field trip behavior with preschoolers

Field trips can range from a casual setting to a professional one, but preschoolers need to know that good classroom behavior is still expected at all times. Take some time to practice with preschoolers how to walk in a line quietly and to listen and follow directions given by the teacher. You may want to role-play correct field trip behavior in the dramatic play area. Practicing correct field trip behavior now, will save you from a lot of frustrations later on.

Field trips with preschoolers can be both fun and educational. Hopefully these tips will help build the ground work to a successful field trip.

Best Inexpensive Camping Air Mattresses for Under $50

The hard edges of camping in the great outdoors can sometimes be softened a bit if you have an air mattress to sleep on at bedtime. Believe me, I know! Here are five inexpensive air mattresses to make for a more enjoyable camping trip. These inexpensive camping air mattresses have been given high customer ratings and can be purchased for under $50 and also fits perfect on your full size captains bed. In this article, you’ll learn where to find them, a brief description and any applicable websites.

Coleman SUV Air Bed
This camping air mattress is available for $23.98 (free site-to-store shipping) at Walmart. This camping mattress has a five star customer rating (24 customer reviews). The Coleman SUV Air Bed can be used either in a tent or in the back of your SUV. The size is 70.0 x 41.0 x 6.0 and adjusts to fit most SUVs. This inexpensive camping air mattress features easy adjustability and has two separate chambers, double lock valve and wrap ‘n’ roll storage system. For more information on this air bed, click here.

4-in-1 QuickBed w/ Wrap ‘N’ Roll by Coleman
The quickbed camping air mattress is also available at Walmart for $44.00 (free site-to-store shipping). This camping air mattress also scored a five customer rating (49 customer reviews). It features the advanced double lock valve which locks in air two ways. This air bed sounds like a great buy because it can be four beds in one. It can be used as two twin beds, the two can be zipped together to form a king-size bed or the two can be stacked together and snapped to form a twin double-high bed. When you’re ready to transport, just wrap it up and roll it into the attached carrier with tie. To find out more on this camping air mattress, click here.

Coleman Quickbed Standard Twin Airbed
This inexpensive twin size camping air mattress can be purchased through QVC for $22.99 ($6.97 shipping). This twin air mattress has not been customer rated yet, but you can’t go wrong with a Coleman product and QVC has excellent customer service with a 30 day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. This inexpensive air bed has a double-lock valve which locks in air two ways, fits standard twin sheets and has the wrap ‘n’ roll feature. For more information about this camping air mattress, click here.

Coleman Quickbed Standard Queen Airbed
The Coleman queen airbed is available at QVC for $29.99 ($7.47 shipping). This must be a fairly new product for QVC because it has not yet been rated. This Coleman airbed has a double-lock valve which locks in air two ways, fits standard queen sheets and also has the wrap ‘n’ roll feature. More information about this inexpensive camping air mattress can be found here.

Coleman ComfortSmart Quickbed Air Bed
This inexpensive Coleman camping air mattress can be purchased as a double for $30.99 or a queen for $34.99 through Target. The total for the double, with tax and shipping, would be approximately $43.97. The total cost for the queen, with tax and shipping, will run approximately $44.92. This inexpensive camping air mattress has a customer rating of three stars (34 customer reviews). This 40-coil camping air mattress offers strength and comfort with wider gussets and an advanced double-lock valve which holds in air two ways. For more info on this product, click here.

3 Best Water Parks In Tenerife

If you are planning a vacation in Tenerife with kids, make sure to explore the awesome water parks of the beautiful island. The island boasts some really cool water parks and you will enjoy some of the best time of your life with family there.

The post below offers a brief on some of the best water parks in Tenerife.

Siam Park

No visit to Tenerife would be complete without a day at Siam Park. Dubbed as the best water kingdom across the world, this park is structured in the backdrop of panoramic Thai architecture. Its free-fall slides are the best to awaken the adrenaline-junkie within you and you are going to explore some truly mindblowing time here. On the other hand, if you are looking for some blissful relaxation after the high adrenaline rush with the slides, you have the serene meandering rivers to welcome you here.

Costa Martianez

You have a gorgeous water park here which welcomes you with its as many as 7 seawater (artificial) swimming pools. Additionally, the park boasts a huge lake, tranquil gardens, islands, viewpoints, cultural spaces, solaria, restaurants and bars. Whether you wish to brush up your swimming lessons or need to relax by the peaceful lake- Costa Martianez is your one-stop destination at Tenerife.

Oasis Los Gigantes

Overlooking mighty cliffs, Oasis Los Gigantes is a marvelous water park where you will love to go back time and again. One of the best attractions of the park is surely the infinity pool where you would want to relax for hours. Another great part, the park also has a separate swimming pool for the kids. Besides, Oasis Los Gigantes has recently installed a special ramp for guests with special needs.

So, postpone your plan of purchasing an inflatable bouncers and dive into some grand water parks this time.

Gifts That Outdoor Lovers Would Love to Receive

Hikers, campers, and outdoor lovers are one of those people who will not give you a headache when it comes to choosing a gift for their birthdays. They will always want something that they can use for their next hiking adventure and that is pretty easy to look for.

When you talk about camping and hiking equipment, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go from buying a backpack, a tent or the best trail running headlamp. To help you find the perfect gift, here are the most wanted gifts that outdoor lovers would love to receive on their birthday.

Sleeping bag

This is probably the most requested gift that outdoor lovers always ask for. Hikers would love to have something to keep them warm wherever they go that is why they usually request sleeping bags as a gift to help them save a bit for their next adventure.

Hiking cookware sets

Food is life and that is also true for campers. No matter where they go or end up to, they will always make sure to bring cooking materials to help them boost their energy. If you give them a lovely and very efficient cookware sets, it will surely warm their hearts.


Most of outdoor lovers go on an unplanned trip to make it more adventurous. That is why they would really need to habe a compass with them to help them navigate their direction. This is a cheap but a very useful gift you can give to your friends who love adventure.


Whether they are in for a day hike or an overnight camp, headlamps are very important for outdoor lovers. They would really love to receive one to help them shed some light during their next climb.  

Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals: The Best Oceanfront Accommodations

You can ask anyone about the Myrtle Beach condo rentals and you will get several answers. These days, there are various types of condos at the Myrtle Beach which are available at low rates.

You may be thinking that why the price is set too low even, it is a favourite place of the tourists.

If you are looking for the answers then you have come to the right place as we will discuss some of the reasons why you need to go for the oceanfront condo rather than going for the resort or hotel.

  • Prices

When you are planning to visit for Myrtle Beach, then you may be thinking that in which place you can stay with your family or friends. You may have discovered that the hotels are good then the houses then you are wrong. The houses or condos near the oceanfront will offer you to stay there at low prices.

  • Feel like home

When you go for the oceanfront condo at the Myrtle Beach, then there will be no chance for feeling alone as it will make you feel like home. You will be comfortable at the condo or house rather than the hotels.

  • Stay

The best part about the condo or house near the oceanfront is that most of the people try to stay there for a week and it makes the place to be cleaned all the time. You will not find any kind of hygiene problem at the condo. You can also go for the Myrtle Beach vacation rentals and get the best place for staying for spending quality time.

  • Area

You will get the perfect place for staying, and you will love the nights at the condos. If you stay at the hotels, then you will miss the beauty of the beaches. If you have gone for the condo, then you will not regret your decision.

  • Size and design

Majority of condos or houses come with the best style and design, and you will love the interior of the condos. Each condo is specially designed to give you comfort while staying there.

These all are the best reasons why the Condos of Myrtle Beach are Best Oceanfront Accommodations, and you will definitely love the place.

4 Things To Do In San Francisco In Winter 2019

San Francisco is a city that can provide travellers wide variety of options to see and do in the city. While San Francisco is open anytime and any season of the year for travellers who want to discover the beauty of the city, there is one particular season when it is the best time to visit the popular city. This is in winter season. If you are planning to explore the spectacular beauty of the city this 2019, you are in the right place. Here are some of the best things to do in san francisco in 2019.

Chinese New Year

The festivities of Chinese New Year in San Francisco are one of the biggest reasons why you should visit the city in winter season. In this festival, you can buy candies, fresh fruits, flowers and you can also see the traditional acrobats and folf dances of the Chinese performances.

Cowgirl Creamery’s first new cheese

The fist new cheese was introduced by the Bay Area’s beloved Cowgirl Creamery. As of the moment, you can find the new cheese in the Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Shop in Ferry Building of San Francisco.

Noise Pop Music Arts Festival

On February 25, the annual music arts and film festival is celebrated in the Fox Theater of the Bay Area. Surely, you will have an amazing time in this festival.

SFO’s new Manufactory Food Hall

If you are looking for a place to eat in San Francisco, the Manufactory Food hall is the best place to go to. Here, you can grab wide variety of meals such as tacos, Thai Fried Chicken, pastries and so many more. You can find a lot of food establishment and restaurants in this location.