Top-Notch Anonymous Browsers With The Highest Security!

Anonymous browsing refers to surfing on the Internet without allowing any website or person to peek into your online activities and your personal data. You can do this using an anonymous browser as they block all the trackers and ad-popup that are a threat to your personal information. There are various anonymous browsers that you can install on your device and surf on the Internet safely without any hassles. The best anonymous browser keeps you secure by using VPN and proxy servers and don’t allow anyone to get into your surfing details and steal any sensitive information.

Best browsers for safe and anonymous browsing


It is a free browser facilitating anonymous browsing available on different platforms such as macOS, Windows, Android, etc. It ensures that all of your data and information is safe and enhances the speed and efficiency of your browsing. It has fantastic software that blocks all the pop-ups, ads, and trackers and allows the web pages to load at a faster pace. It bounces the network traffic through various bridges and nodes and makes it impossible to trace your location and track your activities on the Internet. You can use a TOR mode, which connects you to the TOR network and makes you completely invisible.

Comodo dragon

It is an efficient anonymous browser for windows platform and is based on chromium-browser. It offers high security and privacy to the users and allows them to surf the Internet freely. It protects its information and makes them completely untraceable. Comodo dragon browser also has this fantastic feature that blocks all the irritating ad pop-ups that steal your personal information and stops the tracker from gathering data about you. You can use the IP leakage detector in the browser that will show you all the information that is under threat when you visit any website.