Do You Want To Potty Train A Puppy:Here Are The Puppy Training Advice

Puppies can be the wonderful gift that you can give to yourself as a pet. Puppies, when trained from young, can yield you beautiful results in terms of a friendly dog. A dog is known to be the most faithful animal and a man’s friend which is indeed true. You give a dog your love and in turn it gives you its life. A pet dog can understand all your commands and can even stay with you like a family member. But to avail all these amazing experiences you need to train the puppy the moment you get it at home. The training period might take some months but in the end, it will be a perfect pet.


  • Puppy training tips

The training duration might take four to six months. Your ultimate aim is to build good habits in puppies and make it an obedient pet.

If your puppy had some initial living habits then it needs to be changed firstly which might add some more of training time.

As per the experts, you should start training a puppy when he is 12 to 16 weeks old. Since this is the age when the puppy can control its bladder action for the sizes of bladders also vary according to age.

Make it a habit for the puppy to step out when it needs to do its job. Allow it to roam around freely in your home.

Keep regular feeding for the puppy and take it for eliminating in the morning and infrequent intervals in between.

When the puppy eliminates outside then treat it with some award or pamper it.

  • Make your puppy a lovable pet

You can buy some cheap puppy training pads initially to help you with the training. Follow the above tips to home train your puppy. In no time you would find it a member of your family. Praise it every time the job is done. Take it out for a walk and spend time with him. Let your actions yield you amazing result in terms of a lovable pet.