Turn Your Backyard Patio into an Outdoor Oasisto relaxation from hectic lifestyle

Any backyard space can be successfully renovated to create an outdoor oasis for sultry summer evenings. The key is working with the yard or patio you already have, and transforming it into a cozy conversation, lounging, or dining area.

Working with Nature

In a hidden corner of your yard beneath mature, sheltering trees, set up patio furnishings to encourage conversation while sipping lemonade, as depicted in this Ladies Home Journal online “Outdoor Escape” (flagstone patio optional). Allow sweet floral vines to overtake an outdoor patio pergola, and grow your own hidden hilltop room-with-a-view, as shown in HGTV’s “Wisteria-Covered” getaway.

Create an Outdoor Room

Using wood or colored plastic lattice, create a private corner for reading, or writing, away from the kids. Simply add a favorite chair, a worn out table, plus a bird bath, and you can escape into nature as seen in this outdoor “Hidden Room” from Ladies Home Journal online. A wicker daybed can be used with canopy in outdoor room for sitting arrangement of the guests. The stuff of the daybeds should be cheap in cost.

You can also try your hand at building a child’s tree house, at ground level for ease-of-supervision, to become a safe, outdoor playroom. Create a fun family-together, woodsy-room building project like this HGTV’s “Children’s Fort”, and don’t forget to tie a tarp, or teepee-style sun-shade awning over top as shown.

High-Rise Getaways

A flat rooftop or boring balcony can be quickly converted into a peaceful getaway, with some cushy furniture and a few potted plants. Fill small spaces with weather-safe patio furniture and plants, for open-air family dining, as in this HGTV elevated “Rooftop Patio”.

For an open, contemporary space add a comfy sectional, modern rug, and palms to achieve this HGTV’s “Rooftop Retreat”, ready for daydreaming or stargazing. An old English “Front Entry” open-air office space can be quickly set up for private or business meetings.

Awnings  amp; Canopies

Filter direct sunlight by draping canopies through open-beamed patio framing, or willowy tapestries to create elegant outdoor soirees. Revamp ordinary brick patios into “Elegant Settings”, as shown in Ladies Home Journal online, by adding chairs around a bistro table, and draping overhead canopies. Transform a wooden deck with pole-mounted tapestries and floor pillows into a “Meditation Pavilion” from HGTV.

Fire Pits  amp; Fountains

An outdoor fountain or fire pit can be built in, or featured table-top, creating a conversation area perfect for formal garden gatherings or casual comfy chairs. See this built-in fire pit setting with HGTV’s “Casual Seating”, or with comfy chairs arranged around an “Outdoor Terrace” fire pit.

Enjoy breakfast with early morning sunshine, and decorative wall fountains, as shown in “English Walled Garden”, or “Walled Garden Room”, from HGTV. Or create an “Economy Fountain” with a modern flair, notice the water spilling into a concrete block mini-pool.

Turning the patio or deck you inherited, into the outdoor oasis of your dreams only requires a few simple modifications. These examples combined with your own creativity, will ensure your family is relaxing outdoors all summer long.