The Secret Behind Successful Youtubers/Influencers

People ask if influencers buy their followers, before we answer that question, let me share with you a little information about the subject. Influencers are people who gain following through social media. They are like celebrities except for some differences, Celebrities like actors, musicians, or fashion models started with specific careers. Influencers can become celebrities by accident. There also stars who crossed over to becoming influencers because of their internet presence. One example is Taylor Swift. People follow her Instagram posts and even get pointers from her in terms of fashion, music, and other ideas.

The idea that influencers are buying their followers is a myth. There is no proof of this. They gain followers and likes because of a few things. I will list down two specific things that got them to where they are.

Hard Work

They work hard in creating quality content. Whether it’s a youtube video post or an Instagram picture, these people work on their content. They also hire people who help them with their ideas. And to help generate more content because let’s face it when your brand grows; there’s more work involved! All of their posts or content didn’t happen out of a whim. They are not like us, who would whip out or camera phones just because we feel like it.


Consistency creates a brand. Your followers go to your page because they are looking for one specific thing. You can’t be a fashion icon one day, and the next month you are into gadgets. These influencers take their time to know their followers. They now how the public reacts, so they create something that generates buzz.


Hard work is the key to success, and you don’t buy real youtube subscribers or followers. You win them by creating quality content.