Negative Side-Effects Of Playing Pubg

Before Fortnite took the online gaming community by storm, there was a massively-multiplayer online battle royale game that everyone was playing. A predecessor to Fortnite if you will. Player Unknown’s Battleground, more popularly know as PUBG, is often considered as the game that put the online battle royale game format in the gaming community spotlight.

Even though Fortnite has taken majority of the audience share in the battle royale game category, and the emergence of new but similarly-formatted games such as Apex Legends, there are still a respectable number of players that prefer competing in PUBG, even going as far as utilizing PUBG hacks to gain competitive advantage. And though PUBG is a great game to promote a healthy competition, there are still a number of mental and physical health issues that’s associated with it.

Here are some of the negative side-effects PUBG has on its players:

Too much violence leads to mental health problems

Given that this is a shooting, battle royale, online multiplayer game, a certain degree of violence is acceptable. However, due to the players’ freedom to practically do anything in-game, there are instances where it allows, and to a certain extent, promotes too much violence which ultimately affects a player’s mental health.

Getting hooked in the game will eat up most of your personal time

A single game in PUBG can take about an hour to finish. And because the gameplay and immersive make it so pleasurable to play, it’s common for a player to finish 3-4 games without noticing how much time has passed by. Yes, it can be enjoyable playing a series of PUBG games, but if it starts eating up most of your time in a day, rendering you not being able to do more important tasks, then it’s not healthy anymore.

Soccer Training Drills- What Are The Primary Skills Required For Soccer Training Drills?

Primary skills for Soccer Training-

Drill practice is very useful for a person to improve his stamina and agility for playing professional level soccer. Well, the game needs players whose bodies can support themselves for a 90-minute play with 100% effort in the game. There are many drills to improve your game and stamina with effective ball control. Skills like dealing with angles and power to be used, may be a bit scientific but this science is essential to be used for the game. When you play the game, you need to have the skill to calculate each and every move you are playing for a better output. The other primary skills like tackling, goal-keeping and all are also important to be improved. Let’s look over the primary skills required for the training.

Drills based on skills-

There are drills you can perform to improve each and every primary skill of your game like dribbling, trapping, turning, crossing, heading, Tackling, passing, shooting, footwork and ball control. Drills like passing by being in a triangle, dealing with the angles, Brazilian swerve, passing pairs, direction change on the dribble and many more can improve your skills. There are also drills available like goalie wars to improve the skills of a goal keeper. These skills can also be performed according to the age of the players to affect how much it is required only.

Hence, you can learn how to perform these drills to improve your primary skills by just surfing about them online. You can also ask your coach about these to get you improved and make you play a professional game. You cannot build your skills by playing poker online on PokerQQ, as this would teach you to bet on soccer games but not become a soccer player.

The Best Educational Board Games In 2019

One of the things that make board games a very helpful tool is that it incorporates learning along with the chance to spend quality time with your friends, family, or any person whom you want to play with.

Today, there are still a number of board games that will help your child learn while also have fun to the point that they just feel the urge to sleep because it’s already time to sleep. Here are some of those games that you might want to try out.

  1. Codenames

This board game is to play with the whole family. Good for up to 8 people, there would be two groups that would play against each other. One of the main goals of the game is to encourage the players to talk and interact with each other as they play the game.


  1. Once Upon A Time

Another board game that is great for the whole family, this game is a storytelling game with a lot of exciting twists until the whole story will be finished. This board game is actually great especially for very young kids who are very fond of stories because it is full of storytelling that will also give the players different emotions towards the story.


  1. Sequence

Sequence is a board game that is probably the most challenging game on this list. It is described as the more complex version of Connect 4. It might seem simple, but as the game progresses, you will feel more intensity in the competition of this game.

Board games are still highly encouraged in this current generation. Sadly, almost all of the famous board games are now playable in digital devices like Judi online. However, you should always make sure that classic board games are still the best overall—especially with the natural social bond it creates among the players

How To Manage New Fortnite Battle Royale ‘ Encrypted ‘ Skins Leaked With Scalar Components?

Fortnite leaks are disclosed, and the leakers were unable to get hold of them. These skin leaks are very important for the game. The four major games are associated with these leaks. They are listed below.

  • Dumpling Man
  • Pug Skin
  • Purple Carbide
  • Black Ninja

The updates that are linked to the Fortnite Battle Royale brings new themes and skins. These things are related to the game. Fortnite is a game which needs constant modifications. The updated versions of games are really helpful to understand the mindsets of the developers.

Data miners are always working to know about the new updations, and they have all the information about the new leaks and skin covers. They leak images as well to get the support of the players. The scalar components of the game are well balanced, managed and operated by the developers.

Encrypted skins are more useful to gain a further understanding of the game. These encrypted skins are named in different categories.

How Is Fortnite Gaining More Userbase?

  • Fortnite is gaining more popularity in the time of app-based services.
  • Fortnite is available for the windows as well as Ios platform.
  • The games are so much easy to understand with lots of reliable options.
  • Users can add new costumes after a certain level. The cosmetics are available to users.
  • Fortnite is popular among youths because of its operability.

Fortnite is a game which holds lots of users at different levels. The website of the game is responsive with no bugs and glitches. The options are good for the players. Players can compete with their friends to earn scores as well as to reach the new level. Fortnite battle royale is encrypted with lots of security options.

Soccer Cleats – Different Types For Different Reasons

When playing soccer, shoes or cleats are the most important wear that every player must give importance to. Aside from heads and knees, our feet are the most used boy parts in playing soccer. Furthermore, soccer can be played not only in one type of field but also in wide variety of areas. Each field requires a specific pair of cleats for players to play comfortably and conveniently. Thus, here are some of the soccer cleats with different types and for different reasons.

Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

Firm Ground Soccer shoe is considered as the classic soccer shoe that have cleats or studs designed to give stability and traction on most grass, natural grass to be specific and outdoor soccer fields. Generally, this type if soccer shoes has series of conical or bladed non-removable TPU / PU / rubber studs.

FG/AG Hybrid Soccer Cleats

There is relatively huge difference between artificial and natural grass in soccer and each of them requires specific pair of shoes. Unfortunately, this requirement will be expensive for players. But thanks to the creation of FG/AG Hybrid Soccer Cleats, players can now have cleats that can be used both in artificial and natural grass.

Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

Soccer is often played in an open area. Hence, when the weather quickly changed from a sunny to a rainy one, the texture of the surface of the field started to change into a muddy and wet ground. Using an ordinary soccer shoes will be difficult for players to deal on a soft ground. But using soft ground soccer shoes, players can still run and play functionally.

Indoor Soccer shoes

Soccer can also be played indoor. Hence, the ground will be covered in carpet. The best shoes to wear on this field is indoor succer shoes. Just like playing online in dominoqq, wearing the right weapon and pair of shoes is a huge necessity.

Rice Owls To Kick Off 2019 Regular Season With 4 Consecutive Games At Home

College football in USA

College football in the USA is one of the most-awaited sports events in the country. Everyone has their own team and university they’re rooting for, and each show their own way of support for their team. College football has also been a common form of entertainment, not just for college students but for professionals as well, with some even betting online by daftar disini portals.

Rice Owls national broadcasting appearance with consecutive games

Appearing consecutively in national broadcast is huge feat for any college football team. This coming season, Rice Owls will be making five consecutive appearances on national television hosting a number of other teams in home games. Rice streak of consecutive home games will start on August 30 and their season finale against North Texas is scheduled on the 23rd of November 2019.

These consecutive home games for Rice will be the first time since 1986 when they started the season with 4 consecutive games in their home field. They welcomed SMU, Lamar, Texas State (then Southwest Texas) and Texas to Rice Stadium for a series of well-fought home games.

College football and the significance of media exposure

CBS will cover Rice Owl’s first 4 games against Army, Wake Forest, Texas and Baylor. Their season finale against North Texas will be broadcasted by the NFL network. Rice Owl’s remaining 7 games will then be covered by one of the streaming platforms of the conference.

The opportunity to compete on national television consecutively for a number of games gives the team better exposure to audience, investors and scouts. This also gives players an opportunity to showcase their clients to potential scouts in hopes of being drafted in to the professional league.

Top 5 Benefits Of Youth Soccer For Children

Sports and physical activities are beneficial for proper growth of the kids emotionally and physically. One such sport is youth soccer, is a game that is played globally and is very beneficial for the children. Soccer is a team game and helps you to develop the skill of teamwork and also helps to develop the speed and stamina. There are many other games also like gambling games and to play them you can check the domino99.

Choosing soccer as your child’s future game can help them in many benefits, let us have a look at some of them:

  1. Proper fitness

Soccer is a game that requires players to be fitted and build endurance. It helps to improve the fitness like making the bones and muscles stronger and also running is must in soccer that reduces the risk of obesity or overweight.

  1. Teamwork skills

It is a team game, and you learn the skills of playing with the team members. This helps to coordinate with others thus building the skills of teamwork.

  1. Improved vision and focus

This game requires improved vision to goal and focus on changing the game. Players need to be focused in the game, or they will miss the opportunity to goal.

  1. Confidence and self-esteem

Sports help to increase the confidence and the self-esteem in children and by improved confidence; they practice and train well in order to achieve their goal.

  1. Social interaction

Soccer is a team sport, and you need to interact with other players and members, and this helps you to interact with other people socially.

Final saying

Soccer players are fit and healthy as they provide many mental and physical benefits. Some of them are mentioned above and you can have a look on them and it is suggested play the youth soccer as it is so beneficial.

What It Takes To Be A Successful Soccer Coach

Being a coach means having this huge responsibility to train and guide players into playing a victorious and fair game. It means knowing the game inside and out to be able to fully teach a team. But aside from the obvious, what does it mean to be a great soccer coach?


Just like disciplining a team, a coach must also be disciplined. He or she must come to practice on time and leave after everyone else is done. The coach must always be there during practices and games. A coach must take care of their health and body just how a player must also do so. There should be discipline practiced by a coach to be a good example.


A coach has to be fair to his team players. There shouldn’t be any favorites. All must be equal in their eyes. If one is lacking, the coach must guide them well to become a good player. And if one is becoming too proud that it makes the team look bad, a coach must also be brave enough to teach them manners.


Not only are coaches a way for players to learn the game better but coaches also teach players how to play the game in a very professional manner. There shouldn’t be any cheating. Coaches should teach players to accept victories humbly and defeats with a kind heart.


Above all, coaches should continue to instill passion in players to keep on playing the game. It’s not just about kicking a ball and making goals. It’s about working together as a team to make a victory happen. It’s about carrying the team together when a loss is experienced in order to do better on the next game. Players look to their coaches for everything and a great soccer coach is one that is always there for them. Coaches must not be distracted by BandarQ or other online games. They should be focused for the rest of the team to depend on.

Play Marvel: Contest of Champions in your PC for Free!

Marvel: Contest of Champions is a free to play game available for iOS and Android Devices. It is a 2D fighting game rendered in 3D background, developed and published by Kabam. Get the chance to play as one of your childhood Marvel super heroes such as Wolverine, Captain America, and more. Aside from playing it on your mobile devices, you can play Marvel: Contest of Champions right in your PC for free.

In this article, we will demonstrate how you can play Marvel: Contest of Champions for free in your PC. Fist thing to do is to download ‘Bluestacks’. It is an emulator that lets your run Android based application in your PC. Once you have downloaded, just follow the instructions on how to install and wait for it finish. Once done, sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one yet, create a Google account first then sign in to Bluestacks using your Google account.

Just like any other Google based application, you will go through lots of security process that ask you to gran access to your device. Click yes to all that will apply with your system. Now, once you get in to Bluestacks desktop, you should see the Google play icon, click on it then search for Marvel: Contest of Champions. Select the application then hit download. Wait for the download progress to finish. Once done, click on the application and voila! You can now play Marvel: Contest of Champions using your PC. And best of all, it’ free!

If you’re searching for marvel contest of champions cheats android, chances are that it will not work with Bluestacks. But hey, you can always try to do that. But be sure you exercise due diligence in clicking links so not to get your PC infected.

Facts About Playing Free Online Games That Are Essential

There are many facts about playing free online games. Whether it is good or bad, they are essential to know. People who want to know more about online games should be aware of these facts. Facts about the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming. Learning about the benefits of online games will undoubtedly pique your interests. Circumstances such as game revenue, banned games and how gaming affects you as a person. Learning about these facts and information will surely make you a better online gamer.

Facts About Free Online Gaming

Online gaming is an ever growing activity. Technology has connected us and gave us access to online gaming. Online gaming is a great way to bond with your children. As games do not have age restrictions, you can enjoy playing with your kids. It’s a fact that online gaming can develop and improve your relationship with each other. People can play online games using their phones and tablet. Which makes free online gaming an easy thing to the public. Another fact about gamers is that they value their money and their earnings. Then those who don’t play online games or any game at all.

New Trends

Free online games have been consistently growing and adding more games. Free online gaming is continually evolving for people to access games without spending money. New trends have started emerging and taking over the market. One emerging trend is the use of virtual reality or VR. Virtual reality provides realistic gameplay as if you are really inside the game. This emerging trend will undoubtedly take the gaming world by storm. People will love playing on virtual reality.


There are many facts about online gaming. Whether they are good or bad, one should know about it. There are advantages and disadvantages to online gaming. To know more about online gaming, view website People should know how to weigh the pros and cons. Focusing on facts and learning more about online gaming. Will improve your gaming experience and will make you a better gamer.