Final Fantasy 3 (DS) Reviewed and tricks adopted for winning

With the increasing amount of Final Fantasy ports and remakes being flung onto the market, it may have been quite easy to let this little gem on the Nintendo DS slip under your RPG Radar. Final Fantasy 3 on the DS is not to be confused with the Final Fantasy 3 that was released on the Super NES in 1994. The DS version is actually a “from-the-ground-up” remake of the original Final Fantasy 3 as it was released in Japan in 1990 for the Famicom. It has never been officially released in North America until now. (The game was officially released in North America November 14th, 2006). The Consoleboost application will be made available to the person for boosting the ranking of the playing. The winnings in the game will allow them to participate in more games.

Apart from the game’s title and the overall storyline, it has been completely overhauled in almost every other way. From the graphics, to the battle system, there have been significant changes and tweaks to breathe a new life into this classic of RPG’s past. Along with the updates to the game’s core structure, new dungeons, side quests, and storyline events have all been added. The game also takes advantage of the DS Wi-Fi abilities to allow players to send mail via the Mognet to other players worldwide. Mail can also be exchanged with in-game characters. There are a number of side quests which are opened up this way. The DS handles the game admirably in every area. The sound is crisp and clean. The music is sadly not as inspirational and epic as other numbers in the series; however the classic Crystal Prelude is there as well as a few other familiar themes. The graphics are stunning on the handheld system, with CG effects that rival those of games on the Plastaytion 2. The controls are surprisingly polished, and I was both surprised and pleased to find that the entire game can be played using only the touch screen. Menus, battle orders, conversations, shopping, all of it can be handled with just a touch of the stylus.

The game’s story focuses on four orphaned youths who are destined to become the Light Warriors and save the world from a growing darkness. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Although the story has been done many times over, it still manages to hold some nostalgic appeal in its simplicity. Final Fantasy 3 may be a remake, but it remains, at its core, a true old school RPG. It is made apparent, very early on in the game, that this is no easy adventure. Random encounters are as tough as they are numerous, and some can be just as fatal as bosses. The turn based battle system returns to its roots in the series by having you give all of your battle commands to your party before the combat round begins. The magic system also goes back to its original form, using spells per level instead of magic points. Much of your time will be spent grinding levels in order to survive the progressively more dangerous dungeons you will encounter. After the first two hours of the game, your four main characters will be given the ability to change their Job class at will. The Job system is your primary form of character development and allows for an amazing level of customization for your party members. Many improvements have been made from the original version of the game; each job has been substantially tweaked to allow for more balanced game play.

Final Fantasy 3 for the DS is by no means a revolution in RPGs. Even with all of its updates and graphic enhancements, it is still just a remake of an RPG that has been around for almost 20 years. But then again maybe that’s what makes it so great. This may not be the best game for newcomers to the genre, but for RPG veterans looking for an old school experience sprinkled with some new age upgrades there is no reason not to add this to your collection.

How to Make Money in Happy Island – Facebook Application

If you are looking for an easy way to make money in Happy Island and want some simple tips to get coins in this Facebook application, then this is the place for you. Here are six simple tips to get coins and make money in Happy Island. This Facebook application is one of the more fun and easy games to play and you have every chance to get coins and make money in Happy Island. situs judi is your guide here. You will be provided with legit advice and ways through which you can make money of Happy Island on facebook.

Clean the Island – In Happy Island, when you clean your island you will make money each time you do this. Having a clean island will not only help your own island, but it will give you a better appearance to your other Facebook friends. Facebook friends will be visiting your “Happy Island,” and if you want to impress them and make money in Happy Island then you should keep your island constantly clean.

Collect From Buildings – On this Facebook application, when your buildings that you create are two-thirds full you are able to collect money from your buildings that you build. On Happy Island, you can use this money that you have just made to build more buildings and get upgrades. This system is how it becomes easy to make money in Happy Island. Collecting from your buildings is the easiest way to make money in Happy Island and is a sure fire way to get coins in Happy Island.

Visiting Neighbors – Each time you visit your neighbors in Happy Island you are able to get coins. Most Facebook applications use this tactic in order to encourage more people to join their application. This is probably the easiest way to make money in Happy Island. All you need to do to get coins in the Facebook application, Happy Island, is to click on the trash that has accumulated in the water. This will effectively get rid of the trash that is in your neighbor’s island and will give you a decent amount of consistent coins to put toward your island.

Sell Off Old Decorations – Though this is not one of the more reliable ways to make money in Happy Island, it is a way to get coins in a quick spurt to fund that new building that you have been trying to save for. If you have any decorations on your island then it might be smart to just get rid of some of them in order to make money in Happy Island. Though you won’t get a lot of coins, it is still something that can easily help on this Facebook application.

Upgrade Your Attractions – This is the best way to make money in Happy Island. This is also the biggest investment to get coins that you can make in Happy Island. Because you have to spend money to make this strategy work, this might not seem attractive to do at first. Though this is true, the best longterm way to make money in Happy Island and get coins is to simply invest in upgrading your buildings.

Spend Real Money – Though you actually have to spend your real money to get coins in this strategy, it can still be worth it if you are seriously trying make money in Happy Island. This is the most expensive way to make money in Happy Island and get coins, but you must invest some real money to do this. If you are a busy worker, or simply do not have enough time to spend on Facebook applications, investing a little bit of money just might be the best way to get coins on this Facebook application.

Left4Dead: Xbox or PC?

Left4Dead, Valve’s latest title to utilize the Source engine, is already developing a following, especially within the Steam (Valve’s content delivery and online gaming system). While we still don’t know if the game will be good, great, or mediocre, a lot of people seem to agree: It won’t be bad.

When Valve announced it plans to release the title on both the Xbox360 and Steam, some of us found ourselves engaged in an age-old argument now directly specifically at Valve, and their Source-engine titles. Looking from a financial standpoint, there is no arguing what the company stands to gain from releasing Left4Dead on a console, however what does the gamer have to gain from it? So this is a big question for gaming community. There are several pros and cons with both the gaming platform which can not be ignored by anyone. To help you decide what is best for you according to you gameplay and budget, xe88 is the best option that is out there in the market.

Xbox: While it may be more relaxing to play the game while laying on a couch, and holding a controller rather than hunched over a computer desk, that lounge-like set up can be emulated by a clever gamer, with HD or S-video cords, a wireless mouse and keyboard. Consoles, to my experience, are also usually more reliable than computers, in terms of connection loss, and system errors. The last benefit I can think of is that some PC users may have to scale down the levels of detail to the run the game smoothly, but all of the console gamers are ensured the exact same experience as each other (although some may remember that the Orange Box’s Xbox360 version was about the same as a PC set to medium detail, Left4Dead will probably follow this example).

PC: The benefits of PC are a different story. The hordes of gamers used to Half-Life 2, Day of Defeat, CounterStrike, Portal and Valve’s other titles with heavy PC following will probably have an easier time mastering Left4Dead. Another one of the biggest advantages is the Steam content delivery system itself. Those who buy the game on Steam won’t have to be wait in any lines, or preorder the game to play it on it’s release date, and they will also have the benefit of never needing a disc, or worrying about losing or destroying their game. Steam automatically rebuilds the necessary files, if anything gets deleted (or is deleted because of corruption). The last pro-steam point would be that traditionally, games purchased over Steam are usually $5-$10 less expensive than their console counterparts (the Orange Box again provides an example of this).

The biggest selling point of the PC version, however, isn’t Steam’s benefits, it isn’t comfort, and it isn’t reliability. It’s the one thing Source games have become known for. Custom content. According to most recent announcements, the game will ship with four campaigns, and for the Xbox users, that is it for awhile. However, given the availability and number of people proficient with the Source Standard Development Kit and the map-editor, Hammer, the PC crowd can undoubtedly expect a plethora of user-made modifications, new maps, and possibly even models. Eventually, the core game scripting itself will be subject to user modification, for better or worse.

In closing, while both the PC and Xbox versions of the game will probably have their benefits, and using the Orange Box as the precedent, I would recommend the PC release, since it offers the one thing the Xbox will always have difficulty offering: the versitility and replayability a game achieves when it is subject to modification and custom content. Two weeks after Left4Dead is released, and all the people who bought it the day it came out have beaten the game, gotten most of the achievements, and figured out how their ‘revolutionary’ director-AI thinks, the PC-players will already have a handful of good new maps (and about a thousand made out of orange rectangles) to play.

Playstation Home Delayed, Again

The Playstation Home has been delayed yet again. This marks the second huge delay for Sony’s online community service. The Playstation Home was first shown at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2007. It immediately made a splash for its ambitious features: a virtual world where you could chat, play games, watch movies, visit game spaces, view your trophy collection (which can be earned by achieving certain aspects to a game; think Achievements for the Xbox 360) and more. Furthermore, Playstation Home was to be free of charge for consumers; revenue will be earned from in-game advertisements and optional micro transactions.

Its debut didn’t come without criticism, however. Many people thought that the project was a little over ambitious and doubted if Sony can really pull it off without the need of a paying subscription service. Others don’t really see what the fuss was all about as they see the Playstation Home as nothing more than a Second Life clone. Still, even with different vantage points, everyone anticipated the release of Playstation Home.

Sony originally had a schedule to roll out the Playstation Home service to Playstation 3 gamers in 2007. A closed beta would have taken place from April to August, followed by an open beta for August to October and the full release in October. As the year passed, however, the Playstation Home simply disappeared with the exception of an appearance at E3.

The Playstation Home started the closed beta phase in April of 2007. The beta was extremely limited with several of promised features missing. Although Sony later upgraded the service, it was still a far cry from what was previously envisioned and shown. Because of this, a lot of people suspected that the Playstation Home will see a delay.

Expectations were made into reality when Sony announced in September during the Tokyo Game Show that they have pushed Playstation Home back to spring 2008. That was heartbreaking for both fans and Sony, who had counted on Playstation Home being one of the main selling points for the Playstation 3 during the holiday season.

2008 came and Playstation Home seems to be on the horizon. Some Playstation 3 games were using a reward type system that many speculate to be compatible with the trophies system from the Playstation Home. Hopes were dashed once again with the latest delay announcement, however.

The Playstation Home is now expected to have an open beta test in the fall of this year. The year-old closed beta test will be extended through the summer. The final release date is nowhere in sight but Sony said they will gradually roll out with new updates and features. The Playstation Home that was shown Game Developer’s Conference in 2007 is going to take awhile, to say the least. Today, new online games are being created like situs judi online terpercaya and they are expected to develop even better in the future.

Dynasty Warriors Online Review

Dynasty Warriors has been a relatively popular franchise for many years now; starting as an average run of the mill fighting game based on the historical fiction novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Lou Guanzhong the 2nd game Dynasty Warriors 2 completely changed the game from a fighter into a 3D action beat’em up similar to classics such as Double Dragon and Final Fight. The basic idea being your put on a battle field with a few thousand troops who you cut your way through killing enemy officers and generals until you win the battle. This simple formula can add up for many hours of entertaining good fun. Koei has now brought the game to its audience in the popular massively multi-player genre as a free-to-play game via the free MMO handler Aeria Games. Dynasty Warriors Online has been in beta for more than a month now and recently moved to open beta in the last few weeks. You can find a link to the Aeira games website in the supporting links for this article.

The Gameplay for Dynasty Warriors Online is pretty much the same as its predecessors, and this is why it got a low innovation rating; it has however changes that suit an MMO game and help to revitalize it. First, there are only a few story driven Romance of the Three Kingdoms missions which are essentially difficult challenge missions that reward you with the ability to watch story cut-scenes upon getting a S rank in them. Most of the missions in the game are played out through melee battles. Melee battles come in four types: kill troops, kill enemy commanders, capture bases, and gather treasure. Troop killing melee battles are won by killing a specified troop count, kill enemy commanders require you to score a certain number of player kills, capturing bases makes you attempt to take all bases or all enemy bases that are on the map, and gathering treasure is where you kill computer officers to gather treasure and bring it back to base somewhat like hide and seek.

The other type of missions in the game are quests; you can pick up quests from npc’s in your factions capital city and complete them solo or with a party for various rewards. The other gametype to play is Arena which is essentially a controlled player vs. player event where you vie for best combatant. Like in other MMO games, you can gather materials and craft better equipment and items for yourself. The game doesn’t have “levels” in the traditional sense but you do farm honor to increase your rank and higher ranks come with their own rewards.

Even if you have grown bored of previous Dynasty Warrior games, the online play really renews the fun aspect of the game and changes it up quite a bit. There are, however, a few problems with the game as is to be expected with a beta. I feel that the Mosou attack is too powerful for player vs. player and needs its damage reduced, and this for me at least, is ever a source of frustration that you can play wonderfully and almost kill a player opponent then when his mosou fills he just uses it on you and kills you with no more effort than it takes to press a single key. I would like to see the damage of Mosou reduced so that it is used to break out of combos more than as a insta-gib attack. The other problem is speed. Speed pretty much is important in every game type your playing to the point that it gives a massive advantage to anyone who realizes this over those who don’t. I think these two facts are what make the kill troops melee battle the most popular online as its where speed and mosou have the least impact. Other problems with the game are the inability to leave a battle once you have entered, and the difficulty and time it takes to acquire materials for crafting.

I think if they prove to be huge problems they will certainly be fixed at some point down the line, and thus I would recommend this game to anyone who likes action or the Dynasty Warriors series in particular. For several other recommendations and online game reviews you can visit judi Bola Online. You can read about a lot of games and read about their ratings and reviews.


10 Must Have PC Gaming Accessories

Gaming on the P.C. is a completely different breed from console gaming, and P.C. gamers are a different species to their console relatives. A different species, with different tools. Millions of tools. How to choose? Choose a reasonable price range, and read on.

The first thing you need to choose, is a keyboard. The keyboard is usually the main input device of a P.C. game, so shelling out a good amount of your budget on this, makes for good sense.

Saitek Eclipse

Price: $24 new

This is the cheapest keyboard option. Has lighting, good quality keys, volume controls, and adjustable height.

Logitech g15

Price: $70 new, $40 used.

This keyboard has 6 programmable keys, back-lit keys, volume control, media center controls, detachable palm rest, cable management, and the crowning glory, a LCD screen for game statistics. Is an oldie, but a goodie, if you can find it.

Razer Lycosa

Price: $61 new

My favorite keyboard on this list, it’s the best looking, with all the features of the g15 minus the LCD (personally I think the LCD is pointless, but you might like it) The keys are also extremely responsive as they are keycap – more like laptop keys, than desktop keys, which I find bulky. However, it is the most expensive, assuming you don’t pay full price for the g15.

A gaming mouse. A specialised gaming mouse, is just as essential as a specialised keyboard. When playing agaisnt top class competition, a jitter of the cursor, or the ability to press a button on your mouse to launch a RPG or change tactics, could be the vital difference between victory and defeat.

Microsoft Sidewinder X3

Price: $27 new

The cheapest mouse option, and excellent value for the money. Left and right mouse buttons, adjustable DPI (how precise the mouse is – you want it to be precise in shooters, for example when you’re using an assault rifle, but when you switch to a sniper rifle, lowering the dpi, will make it less jittery, and easier to control), and programmable buttons on either side of the mouse. This mouse fits the average size hand quite well. Just like your gamer shirt, this mouse is also affordable and yet can provide you the best gaming experience without any error and inconvenience. So, when it come sto mouse choices, Miscrosoft Sidewinder is a great deal!

Logitech G500

Price: $55 new

The middle priced option, this has more bells and whistles than the Sidewinder. This has three programmable buttons insteadof the Sidewinder’s two, and theyre all on the thumb side, which makes them easier to use, than having one on the thumb and one on the pinky. Has the left and right mouse buttons, of course, the scroll wheel is clickable, and also tilts both left and right, and has a slider which control how quickly the wheel scrolls. Also has two buttons for adjusting the DPI.

Razer Imperator

Price: $59 new

The most expensive option, you usually cant find this for less than around $65. This has an very easily clicked scroll wheel, two DPI adjusters, the two mandatory mouse buttons, and the cream of the crop, progammable thumb buttons, which are movable, to better fit your hand. This sounds silly, but is actually extremely useful. For example, on the Sidewinders big brother the X8, I can’t reach the buttons on the side of the mouse. No such problem the Imperator. Its also a great looking mouse, like most Razor products.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Price: $25

Not exactly a mouse, but definitely a controller. Some games, you just need the console controller, and in my opinion, the Xbox 360 rules the field, at least when it comes to controllers. How lucky for us that there’s a cheap Xbox 360 controller made for the P.C. than, isn’t it! A must have.

Sound. Most people dont think of sound when they play their games, but boy, does it add atmosphere. Left 4 Dead with Christmas jingles? It just takes out some of the atmoshpere, don’t you think?

Razer Carcharias

Price: $65 new

Extremely comfortable, quality sound, stays on your head, great microphone and great bass lines, when you’re listening to music. Nothing bad to say about this, worth the money. It’s 5.1, which is why it’s cheaper, as the sound quality is supposed to be of lesser quality than headsets of the 7.1 sort.

Logitech G35

Price: $92 new

This is the 7.1 surround sound headset option. More expensive than Razor’s 5.1 offering, if money’s no object, go for this. The surround sound makes it so that you can literally tell where people are in your game from the noises they make,as the noises are directed from the different positioned speakers inside your headset. Very comfortable, and comes with three programmable keys as well, and the microphone includes a voice morphing tool.

Have fun!!! These tools of war, of war and fun, should give you an edge over any of the competition.

Review Of Xbox Live

I bought an Xbox 360 a year ago. I got it only for playing single-player games with no interest in playing online. However, because the Xbox 360 come with a free one-month trial of Xbox Live Gold, I decided to try it. After playing it for the free month I decided to buy a one-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, and now most of my game playing is online. Xbox Live comes in two levels, silver and gold. Silver is free all the time and lets download demos, and buy downloadable games and videos. Gold is required if you want to play online against other people, it also gives you all the benefits of Silver, plus many demos are released earlier to Gold members. Xbox Live Gold costs $50 a year, but can often be found on sale, I got mine for $30 at Best Buy. 

One of the things that makes Xbox Live so much fun is that there is huge online community, and you can find an online match for most games at any time. Some of the older games don’t always have matches going, but in the evenings and weekends you can usually find a match. With newer game, there are always matches available. Xbox Live also lets you have up to 100 friends, whom you can invite to play with you. But if you don’t have any Xbox friends you will still be matched up with other players online. Another thing I’ve discovered about Xbox Live is that you get a lot more play time out of a game. Many games have a fairly short single player mode, but with online matches you can play any game indefinitely. For example, with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the single player is about eight hours, but with Xbox Live, I have played online for over 50 hours now. Online play is never the same thing, since you are almost always playing with different people. Of course there are some downsides with Xbox Live. The biggest one is what people say while playing. There seem to be a good number of young teenagers who curse and make racists comments while playing games. Others will set their mic next to a radio making everyone playing listen to their music. In some games communicating with others on your team is very important, and in others its not needed at all. In the games where it is needed, often these annoying people in the match will be kicked out by the person who created the match. In games where communication isn’t important you can mute any player through the Xbox Live menu. Also, if necessary, you can file a complaint with Microsoft for something that is said.  

You can check out jasabola88 for a more detailed review of Xbox live. You can learn about its pros and cons there. Before you buy Xbox it is really important that you know what features you will be getting and what you missing out on. 



DC Universe Online: Is it Really a WoW Killer?

You’ve heard the words a thousand times before: “This game is gonna take down the empire” As long as you haven’t been stuck under a rock for the last 5 years, you know that the holy grail of MMO style video games is none other than the massive empire built by Blizzard Entertainment. World Of Warcraft currently has over 12 million unique users worldwide. DC Universe Online premiered on 11 January in America, and on 14 January in Europe. While it exceeded studio expectations with sales nearing the 200,000 mark, their was a shortage on actual games shipped out. Its still hard to come by. A quick search online and you will notice its still out of stock at plenty of video game retail stores. Now the real question comes: Is DC Universe Online worth it? The general consensus seems to be yes. But upon further review and time spent playing the game, your view may change drastically. This is similar to how users changed their view about Domino104 after playing it feverishly.

Like most MMO style video games you can play on a PVE (player versus everyone) server, or a PVP (player versus player) server. A PVE server would be the way to go if your new to these kind of games and don’t want to battle actual other players online. Of course if you want to face off against a real person and have a general idea of what a MMO is, then a PVP server is for you. The game begins with one of the greatest cinematic cut-scenes you will ever witness in a video game. Next your epic adventure to be the greatest hero or villain begins. Character customization is a tad on the lazy side. Creating a character is always fun but there is no scaling system. Whether you choose a male or female, you can only choose small, medium, or large for their body size. You can also only choose 3 separate colors for your entire character. Now choosing a power and weapon is a little more exciting. Unfortunately the game doesn’t really give you much of a detail on what your powers or weapon actually do.

The first mission you play seems completely irrelevant. More of a ploy to get you to learn the controls and to make sure you can enter your city at level 3, rather than level 1. The only problem with the leveling system is that it is far to easy and fast to reach the maximum level of 30. If you play the game a good amount, you can reach level 30 in a matter of days. Now if you are new too these games you will face the problem of them not explaining really anything. Your health bar, power bar, hud, map and so on, are never really explained at all. Its near impossible to pick the game up and play without having too look up online, what certainly things are. As you continue and do missions for either villains or heroes you really begin to notice how bad some of the voice acting is. Of course the main characters have great voice acting, but it almost seems other people are in on a inside joke that we just don’t understand. The more you play, the worse the animation gets. Superman talking to you with a white face but a dark brown neck, just does not work. Server problems and lagging issues plague your whole experience. Once you reach level 10 you can begin to enter legend matches. Most of the time it will say there is a queue of 10-20 minutes. You can enter that queue if you like, but be prepared to wait around 2 hours for it to actually start.

Once you complete the main storyline and reach level 30, it gets more exciting. You can spend countless hours doing raids and getting iconic armor. Now this game finally turns into an MMO. All the previous missions you can do alone. Here you actually need help from others or the mission is impossible. Now is when you need to actually communicate and talk to other players. Sadly the communication, after a month is still messed up and broken. Its too hard to type when your in a huge battle, and half the time the voice chat isn’t working. Their are still countless bugs and glitches in the game, but they are always expected in the beginning of an MMO. The subscription fee is what is gonna end up being the dagger in this game. While future content is promised, and countless numbers of patches have already been released, is it really worth the $15 a month to play a game that seems incomplete?

So, does this game have the remote possibility of being the fabled WoW killer? No. Not even remotely possible. DC Universe Online is a fun and entertaining game that just doesn’t live up to its true potential. A lot of people defend the game and point out the fact that its new and will be fixed in future updates. By that time, too many subscribers will have already dropped it. You cant have a game where you need too communicate constantly and not be able to. If they went about it with a different approach, and changed a number of things, then it might have given WoW a run for its money. The way I see it is they had 2 choices: 1. They could have improved the graphics and quality tremendously and made it a single player game and released it on all consoles, as of now it is only available on the PC or PS3. 2. They could have delayed the launch of this game. A lot of problems came up in Beta and they knew about them, but chose to release the game anyways. $60 to buy the game, and $15 a month just to play it, is not justified.

Key Reasons Why Next Gen Gaming Would Take Longer In Development

If you’re hoping to get your hands on an Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Wii 2, you might be in for an extra-long wait. Sure, one day we’ll all be standing in line for the next gen consoles of the future, but Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are showing no signs of taking gaming to the next gen – and here’s why.

Current gen systems haven’t peaked

One of the most obvious reasons that we’ll be stuck with the current gen systems is that current gen consoles haven’t peaked yet. In the olden days it was easy to move up from an 8 bit to 16 bit system or a 32 bit to a 64 bit console, but with the current graphics and power of today’s gaming consoles there just really isn’t a need to upgrade just yet. Games like Halo: Reach, God of War 3, and Monster Hunter Tri are pushing the limits of their respective consoles, but the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii still show lots of promise for the future.

So, you might stick to those current gen games for a longer time, or hop on cool PC games such as DOTA. That’s certainly a great option especially that dota 2 boost services are available.

There is just too much invested in the current gen

If you don’t believe that we’ll be stuck with the current gen consoles for a super long time, just look at the proof. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft continue to pour more bucks into the current gen lineup and the many upgrades to the Wii, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 is proof that the “top 3” aren’t looking to ditch the current gen any time soon. The Xbox Kinect, PlayStation Move, Motion Plus and other hardware tweaks like the Xbox 360S, PlayStation Slim, and all black Nintendo Wii tells us that the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii 2 and Xbox 720 aren’t in the works.

Are gamers even ready?

Sure, the Nintendo Wii could use an upgrade in the graphics, processor, and hard drive department, but other than that, gamers seem to be content with the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Some gamers are still adjusting to the current gen systems and with the release of the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Move, some of us might even be behind. Releasing the next gen right now wouldn’t make any sense because gamers can’t really ask for much more. We’ve got everything that we need with the current gen including HD gaming and fast processing power and with the addition of motion and 3D gaming, gamers should be happy for years to come.

Overall, releasing new consoles wouldn’t be a smart move for any of the “top 3” and with the current state of gaming most of the current gen consoles have upgraded themselves. The current gen systems have evolved in a way that no other generation has before it and before Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo release their next generation consoles, they’ll all have to decide on what the next big thing will be.

For more, read 5 Xbox 360 Problems Solved by the New Xbox 360S Console, Netflix Movie Streaming Coming to the Nintendo Wii Spring 2010, and Did PlayStation Move Make the PS3 the Best Game Console?

Online Gaming, Pc Lighting & Impact On Sleep Quality In Children

There is much written about the effects of computer games, played in the evening, upon quality of sleep and how sleep can be impaired by the evening effects of video and computer games. For many parents, the restricted access of their children to video games serves to promote early bedtime and more quality sleep. Even with the best efforts, however, children and teens are continuing to sleep fewer and fewer hours, experiencing a reduction in quality of sleep.

In today’s society, it is estimated that nearly 50 percent of all children and teenagers go to bed later due to video game or computer game access. This later bed time equates into few sleep hours for many of these same children. In addition, the degree to which your child experiences a complication of sleep may result from not only the timing of the video game or computer game play, but also the degree to which the task is considered complex and the amount of actual time spent engaged in that game. Considering these factors, timing, length of time and degree of challenge, you can improve your child’s sleep time and quality.

In addition to the factors of challenge and timing, parents are also learning that lighting may have a key role in the quality and quantity of sleep in the child who engages in video game play time. Because evening, and decrease in light, brings about a rise in melatonin, sleep is naturally induced. However, in children who engage in computer and video games in the evening, the release of melatonin may be delayed due to the artificial lighting projected from the television screen or computer screen. As a result, the playing of video games and computer games late into the evening may result in a delayed circadian rhythm in your child.

To promote sleep earlier for your child, when they are engaged in video games or computer games, you may want to consider dimming the light on the monitor. Without your child knowing it, this dimming effect can reduce the amount of lighting the brain is exposed to, thereby creating a lower adverse effect on the release of melatonin. Before your child begins using the television or computer, simply adjust the lighting to a lower level using your pre-set menu options.

If, after lowering the light display on the monitor, you find that your child continues to experience abnormal sleep patterns, it may be prudent to begin restricting the access to specific types of video or computer games. By limiting the evening access to only those games that are simplistic and less mentally challenging, you can reduce the degree to which your child’s brain activity is adversely affected.

While many child psychologists and pediatricians recommend complete prohibition of computer games and video games to children in the late evening hours, parents often find this can be quite challenging. In an effort to naturally promote your child’s sleep, consider the modification of the light display on the monitor as this restriction of light may, ultimately, protect the production of melatonin and promote your child’s sleep. You can try card games at situs poker online terbaik that are less time consuming and as you play with online players it would be easier to limit the time your kids spend online.