Online Gaming, Pc Lighting & Impact On Sleep Quality In Children

There is much written about the effects of computer games, played in the evening, upon quality of sleep and how sleep can be impaired by the evening effects of video and computer games. For many parents, the restricted access of their children to video games serves to promote early bedtime and more quality sleep. Even with the best efforts, however, children and teens are continuing to sleep fewer and fewer hours, experiencing a reduction in quality of sleep.

In today’s society, it is estimated that nearly 50 percent of all children and teenagers go to bed later due to video game or computer game access. This later bed time equates into few sleep hours for many of these same children. In addition, the degree to which your child experiences a complication of sleep may result from not only the timing of the video game or computer game play, but also the degree to which the task is considered complex and the amount of actual time spent engaged in that game. Considering these factors, timing, length of time and degree of challenge, you can improve your child’s sleep time and quality.

In addition to the factors of challenge and timing, parents are also learning that lighting may have a key role in the quality and quantity of sleep in the child who engages in video game play time. Because evening, and decrease in light, brings about a rise in melatonin, sleep is naturally induced. However, in children who engage in computer and video games in the evening, the release of melatonin may be delayed due to the artificial lighting projected from the television screen or computer screen. As a result, the playing of video games and computer games late into the evening may result in a delayed circadian rhythm in your child.

To promote sleep earlier for your child, when they are engaged in video games or computer games, you may want to consider dimming the light on the monitor. Without your child knowing it, this dimming effect can reduce the amount of lighting the brain is exposed to, thereby creating a lower adverse effect on the release of melatonin. Before your child begins using the television or computer, simply adjust the lighting to a lower level using your pre-set menu options.

If, after lowering the light display on the monitor, you find that your child continues to experience abnormal sleep patterns, it may be prudent to begin restricting the access to specific types of video or computer games. By limiting the evening access to only those games that are simplistic and less mentally challenging, you can reduce the degree to which your child’s brain activity is adversely affected.

While many child psychologists and pediatricians recommend complete prohibition of computer games and video games to children in the late evening hours, parents often find this can be quite challenging. In an effort to naturally promote your child’s sleep, consider the modification of the light display on the monitor as this restriction of light may, ultimately, protect the production of melatonin and promote your child’s sleep. You can try card games at situs poker online terbaik that are less time consuming and as you play with online players it would be easier to limit the time your kids spend online.

10 Must Have PC Gaming Accessories

Gaming on the P.C. is a completely different breed from console gaming, and P.C. gamers are a different species to their console relatives. A different species, with different tools. Millions of tools. How to choose? Choose a reasonable price range, and read on.

The first thing you need to choose, is a keyboard. The keyboard is usually the main input device of a P.C. game, so shelling out a good amount of your budget on this, makes for good sense.

Saitek Eclipse

Price: $24 new

This is the cheapest keyboard option. Has lighting, good quality keys, volume controls, and adjustable height.

Logitech g15

Price: $70 new, $40 used.

This keyboard has 6 programmable keys, back-lit keys, volume control, media center controls, detachable palm rest, cable management, and the crowning glory, a LCD screen for game statistics. Is an oldie, but a goodie, if you can find it.

Razer Lycosa

Price: $61 new

My favorite keyboard on this list, it’s the best looking, with all the features of the g15 minus the LCD (personally I think the LCD is pointless, but you might like it) The keys are also extremely responsive as they are keycap – more like laptop keys, than desktop keys, which I find bulky. However, it is the most expensive, assuming you don’t pay full price for the g15.

A gaming mouse. A specialised gaming mouse, is just as essential as a specialised keyboard. When playing agaisnt top class competition, a jitter of the cursor, or the ability to press a button on your mouse to launch a RPG or change tactics, could be the vital difference between victory and defeat.

Microsoft Sidewinder X3

Price: $27 new

The cheapest mouse option, and excellent value for the money. Left and right mouse buttons, adjustable DPI (how precise the mouse is – you want it to be precise in shooters, for example when you’re using an assault rifle, but when you switch to a sniper rifle, lowering the dpi, will make it less jittery, and easier to control), and programmable buttons on either side of the mouse. This mouse fits the average size hand quite well. Just like your gamer shirt, this mouse is also affordable and yet can provide you the best gaming experience without any error and inconvenience. So, when it come sto mouse choices, Miscrosoft Sidewinder is a great deal!

Logitech G500

Price: $55 new

The middle priced option, this has more bells and whistles than the Sidewinder. This has three programmable buttons insteadof the Sidewinder’s two, and theyre all on the thumb side, which makes them easier to use, than having one on the thumb and one on the pinky. Has the left and right mouse buttons, of course, the scroll wheel is clickable, and also tilts both left and right, and has a slider which control how quickly the wheel scrolls. Also has two buttons for adjusting the DPI.

Razer Imperator

Price: $59 new

The most expensive option, you usually cant find this for less than around $65. This has an very easily clicked scroll wheel, two DPI adjusters, the two mandatory mouse buttons, and the cream of the crop, progammable thumb buttons, which are movable, to better fit your hand. This sounds silly, but is actually extremely useful. For example, on the Sidewinders big brother the X8, I can’t reach the buttons on the side of the mouse. No such problem the Imperator. Its also a great looking mouse, like most Razor products.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Price: $25

Not exactly a mouse, but definitely a controller. Some games, you just need the console controller, and in my opinion, the Xbox 360 rules the field, at least when it comes to controllers. How lucky for us that there’s a cheap Xbox 360 controller made for the P.C. than, isn’t it! A must have.

Sound. Most people dont think of sound when they play their games, but boy, does it add atmosphere. Left 4 Dead with Christmas jingles? It just takes out some of the atmoshpere, don’t you think?

Razer Carcharias

Price: $65 new

Extremely comfortable, quality sound, stays on your head, great microphone and great bass lines, when you’re listening to music. Nothing bad to say about this, worth the money. It’s 5.1, which is why it’s cheaper, as the sound quality is supposed to be of lesser quality than headsets of the 7.1 sort.

Logitech G35

Price: $92 new

This is the 7.1 surround sound headset option. More expensive than Razor’s 5.1 offering, if money’s no object, go for this. The surround sound makes it so that you can literally tell where people are in your game from the noises they make,as the noises are directed from the different positioned speakers inside your headset. Very comfortable, and comes with three programmable keys as well, and the microphone includes a voice morphing tool.

Have fun!!! These tools of war, of war and fun, should give you an edge over any of the competition.

Free but Safely Fun Online Games your Elementary Level Kids must try

Most of us who are over 40 often say, ‘when I was a kid, we didn’t have all this computerized stuff. We played outside. We played real games!” But what’s ironic is that many folks in my 40+ age group are just as fond of computer games as kids. Many of us play war games to feel the excitement in front of the screen, or relax while enjoying Situs Judi online.

I have some friends who are gaming junkies. What we tend to forget is that children love online video gaming as much as teens and adults. Internet and gaming safety is a real critical issue as well. It’s often difficult to know where to find safe online game sites for your elementary age children. Here are some safe free online game sites that you can allow your children to explore without worry. Many schools have added these sites to their approved sites. is a cute user-friendly gaming site for elementary kids. There are kids polls and chat sites, but you don’t have to allow them. Kids can also watch cartoons online with Alfy too. There are many educational games to build spelling and math skills. In the web review, I thought that it was clever that kids were told to tell parents and teachers that they were playing the ‘learning games’ not just having fun. The irony is that most all of the games have an educational bent so it’s kind of like Mikey and the Life Cereal. He likes it and it’s good for him!

Yahoo! Kids features over 100 kid-friendly games, plus sneak previews of kid’s shows like Raven and Hannah Montana. Yahoo! has kids ecards, study central with homework helpers, online activities, printables, downloads besides just the free online games. The graphics are pretty impressive. Many people have come to view Yahoo! as a leader in free webware. The kids site is free to use. offers all sorts of safe, free games in all sorts of categories. Students will enjoy racing, shooting, sports and strategy games. You’ll find lots of free puzzles like bubbles, blocks, mazes and tetris style games. There are golf games, dirt bike racing and motocross. Students can play free with only an installed flash player. If they create a user ID and password, they can save scores and be entered in tournaments. Schools allow this site for student use. is another school approved game site. Miniclip has the regular arcade, strategy, puzzles, board games, shooting, sports and racing games. Another feature of Miniclip that I find funny is that it offers games with a political edge, like Presidential Paintball. The shooting games are rated general ‘G’; players launch silly things like bananas, not bullets. Kids of all ages seem to like this game site.

Try these free gaming options from school and teacher approved websites.

Best Starter Pokemon By Region: From Kanto To Sinnoh

Over the years people who played Pokemon have had to decide which starter Pokemon to choose. It was very hard my first time, but I ended siding with Bulbasaur. You can use to help you with your pokemon knowledge. There are several online tools that you can use to enhance your gameplay and knowledge about pokemons. Now was that a mistake or a good move on my part?

Kanto – Charmander

Charmander was probably the most popular starter in the entire series because of it’s looks. It was really cute, but it also was able to evolve into the powerful Charizard. Charmander makes the best starter for Kanto because it evolves into Charizard who has a great move set and it’s types being Fire and Flying aren’t weak to much. Charizard learns great moves like Outrage which is a dragon type move, but it isn’t a dragon making it a big part of anyone’s team. With it’s great Speed and awesome Special Attack makes it a very big powerhouse.

Johto – Totodile

Totodile is the cute, but ferocious looking crocodile Pokemon we loved when we were introduced to the second generation. It’s final form Feraligatr is a huge powerhouse learning great Fighting moves like Superpower and great Water moves like Hydro Pump. All of Feraligtr’s Water moves are great just because of the STAB bonus. Totodile learns a lot of Dark type moves like Crunch so it is a big part of your team. Feraligtr has great Special Attack and Attack so he is very powerful, but his Special Defence is what brings him down. Even with those downfalls it should be your choice to take on Johto.

Hoenn – Mudkip

Mudkip just from it’s popularity on the web should be your choice for Hoenn’s region, but Mudkip is not all about popularity as Mudkip is a very strong Pokemon with great moves. When at it’s final form of Swampert it learns moves like Muddy Water, Earthquake, and even Hammer Arm. Being both Water and a Ground type Pokemon makes it’s weakness to Electric nothing. This Pokemon is like no other as you can defeat trainers with ease. It’s Special Attack and Attack are huge benefactors in battling as Swampert will be very powerful.

Sinnoh – Turtwig

Turtwig the friendly little grass Pokemon of the series’ newest region is the best for it’s newest region. When evolved to TorterraTurtwig loses it’s cuteness and exchanges it for some extremely intense power. Being a Ground and Grass type makes it have more moves available for STAB bonuses. With moves like Earthquake and Leaf Storm at it’s arsenal makes it a big powerhouse. Although Torterra’s speed is really low it can make up with it by it’s Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense. Torterra all around great Pokemon.

Those were my choices for the best starters of each region of Pokemon.

The Evolution of Gaming and Geeks

Like many hobbies and activities, MMORPG online gaming has its own terminology, inside jokes, and references. Two online gamers talking on TeamSpeak or in real life (or ‘IRL’ as it might be called in chat) may even seem to have their own language, potentially using online acronyms and lingo in real spoken speech. You should visit poker online to play multiplayer poker game with random players from all around the world. It is really popular and competitive as well.

With the proliferation of internet use, geek culture inevitably became more popular. Naturally, there are many hardcore World of Warcraft gamers, for example, that spend a large portion of their time leveling all of their characters to 60, but there are also many casual gamers.

Warcraft and other MMORPGs such as City of Heroes and City of Villains have also brought individuals of varying ages into the gaming world. Responsible parents wonder what their children are interested in playing-only to find the games engaging and worth playing. Customizable characters enhance the MMORPG experience, making these games suitable for a variety of players.

Weird Al’s extremely popular parody hit “White and Nerdy” has absolutely solidified the fact that geek and gaming culture. Online gamers, among others in the geek subculture, use the song as an anthem.

While others consider it isolating to spend a great deal of time in front of the computer screen, many gamers disagree-one can get a great deal of interaction in the MMORPG environment, and new friends can also be made online. With much of our world going digital, it’s only a natural progression.

In the world of AOL online role play, players assume the role of a character and play in a chat-based environment. Discussing the storyline (SL) out of character is usually considered essential for a good story as characters interact. This is a great way for a writer to experience the world of online gaming.

Online gaming has redefined the world of gaming and geekiness: a gamer may or may not play something more traditional like the tabletop D20 Dungeons amp; Dragons. The online gamer can be just about anyone-teacher or student, parent or child. In fact, the average American gamer is 28 years old. (Source: Games, Gamers, and Gaming Culture.)

This average age is due to the appeal of MMORPG online games. When the first PCs were sold, many of the children living in first PC households became immediately familiar with them. Gaming has come a long way from Tandy and Commodore as players can now connect over the internet to face off in both PC and console gaming.

The popularity of character and content-driven games in the gaming market have proven that gamers are after the role play experience. Simulation games such as The Sims and Second Life allow users to make realistic human characters very similar or different to themselves.

There is no longer a reason for gamers and geeks to hide. The popularity of MMORPGs has created a greater sense of open-mindedness in society when it comes to gaming.

Call Of Duty Mobile Multiplayer: 13 More Tips And Tricks For Winning!

Are you a fan of call of Duty? Well, if the answer is yes, then you are at right stop, as you will get to know some hot tips and tricks that would help you to enjoy be victorious in game without wasting much of your time, effort. To find hacks and us very difficult as there are lot of people and hacks that are doing the round.

By using right technique you can easily win the game and at the same time you can easily enjoy the game to the fullest. With  so many options that are being there it becomes easy to  find the genuine one and this is why it is important to have better understanding as that you  can enjoy the  games in the best  way.  If you are looking for how to get free passes on episode, then you have to keep few point s in mind as this would help you to enjoy the game

How to win, learn the tricks!

  • Winning and losing are part of game but you can easily make the most and enjoy the game that would help you to know about the games.
  • It is important to know about the game a lot of time people are not even aware of the nuances as this would help you to get things done and you could easily loose the plot.

  • Ware fares games has different base thus it is vital to connect with the people who are into games as this would help you to know about the nuances of the game and as result you  can easily get things done and enjoy the game.

These are a few tips that you must keep in mind so that you can get the best services and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Does Online Gaming Offer Any Kind Of Benefit?

Online gaming is increasingly gaining popularity with the advancement of technology and easy accessibility all across the world. For example all you need to do to play GTA 5 on your PS4 is download the gta 5 mods ps4. While too much of screen time is reprimanded, online gaming has its own share of benefits. If you can play online games in a healthy manner, below are the benefits you can expect to have from them:

  • Better problem-solving skills

Playing any online game needs you to be mindful of its rules. Players need to think quickly before making a move and keeping the rules of the game in mind. This helps enhance problem-solving skills of an individual and teaches to take prompt decisions in tricky situations.

  • Improves memory

Since playing online games requires the players to listen and/or read the instructions at the beginning of the game, players need to remember all of them throughout the gameplay. Thus it helps improve short-term and long-term memory.

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

While playing online games, a player has to focus on the screen while using his/her hands to command the controls. This helps improve hand-eye coordination of the player which then finds use in other activities of life, like driving.

  • Teaches importance of teamwork

This is true for games that have online multiplayer modes. Such games help promote a shared experience and a sense of teamwork among players, who collaborate and learn from each other. Coordinated teamwork is necessary to overcome obstacles and win over situations whether in online games or real life.

  • Makes you sharper and more alert

Playing online games requires players to be mindful of their virtual surroundings to avert attacks from any corner. This helps develop and strengthen intuitive alertness and increase vigilance in players who regularly play online games.

What Type Of Cheats Do You Like The Most?

When it comes to finding cheats and hacks for a variety of games, there is little doubt about the fact that the options are many. To choose your favorite cheat among them can be tricky choice to make at times. There are loads of websites where you can find your favorite cheats with ease. Before that, though, you need to be careful in what kind of cheats will suit you best.

So, to begin with, you should start browsing through websites that give away cheats and carefully see which of them is likely to suit you best. There are a lot of cheats that are almost undetectable and can save you from getting banned. Most online multiplayer games have a strict policy towards cheating and will leave no stone unturned to clean their games off cheaters. So, if you want to cheat and do so in stealth, make sure you choose such undetectable cheats.

Find Undetectable Cheats Online For A Variety Of Games

Browse websites and you are sure to find cheats that will be so subtle that your opponents won’t be able to guess that you’re cheating. This is important in a time when gaming is taken so seriously and if the developers of online games even sniff cheating, they’re sure to take action and ban you.

In order to avoid such a situation and continue playing and winning, it is better to look for such subtle yet effective cheats for your games. All you would have to do is find a trustworthy website to buy such cheats for the games that you play. Once you’ve got your hands on such cheats, you are sure to win without appearing to be cheating. Visit to know more about such undetectable cheats.

The best Wii racing game for your gaming style!

In the racing games, the primary purpose of the player is to complete the finish line in the best time possible. The best racing games are Wii video racing games that is the 7th generation console, and the main focus of these games is to provide entertainment to the players. Many amazing titles include air, land, and water vehicles. Not only the titles, but the Wii games have the best features that make them different from other racing games. You can easily earn some easy money by playing Judi bola; an online gambling game by sitting in your bed comfort.

Everyone has their style of playing, and to find the best Wii racing games according to your style is not difficult. Let us know some of the Wii racing games that will definitely match your style.

  • Mario Kart(64)

This game was launched in 1992, and the players that are less interested in fighting are best for them. The main focus is not to fight against the evils but is to stand for the competition behind the go-kart’s wheels.

  • Wacky Races: Crash and dash

This game is for the children to make them laugh as these include many funny races. It is funny as it’s main aim is not to finish the line but is to disturb the other participants from winning.

  • Build’n Race

Racing car lovers will definitely love this game. The players can take control of the vehicle and can perform acrobatic tricks, and the opponent is controlled by your friend sitting next to you.

Many other Wii racing games include championships that allow the players to perform acrobatics using the fast-paced machines. As there are hundreds of games, you can find out the one according to your gaming style, and you will definitely love it.

Pc Fighting Games: The Side Of Gaming Which Is Too Brutal For Some

Fighting games are one of the most popular genres of video games that gamers all over the world like to play. Unlike all other genres of video games in these games, you are required to select your character from the list of different characters and use it to defeat your opponents. Fighting games are generally time limited games and the player who does the maximum amount of damage to his or her opponent wins.

Evolution of fighting games

In the early 70s when computers became accessible to the general public the gaming companies saw it as an opportunity to grow their business. Earlier arcade games were quite popular but that changed with the release of fighting games.

Since there release these games became very popular among the players of all ages and many titles even got their sequels due to their huge popularity. Now there are hundreds of fighting game titles available in the market for PC. Unlike other genres of games, these games do not require high system resources, but you must have a graphics card to run the game with its highest settings and experience the fun and animation of these games.

Do they really promote violence?

Most of the people say or think that games like these promote violence and are too brutal for kids. But they should understand this, that these games are only for fun and no kid in the recorded history has started fighting or killing somebody after playing these games. Its just a wrong assessment made by few in order to demote these games.

If you still haven’t got the chance to play one of these games than you should buy them now and experience for yourself the fun and excitement that they bring. You can also visit dominoqq to play a number of different games and win real money.