When on the lookout for a new smartphone, getting an iPhone might be the most common consideration of most people. However, buying a brand-new iPhone is expensive, with prices of new models reaching more than $1,000. Not everyone can afford getting a brand-new iPhone, but everyone wants to experience the premium service iPhones and Apple offer with their devices. There are options to buy refurbished units at a lower price but Apple charges $499 or more for those, which is still quite steep for some people.

Fortunately, there are many people who decide to sell their old iPhones at a significantly lower price after they get a new iPhone model. This is good news for most people as older models tend to be just as great as the newer ones but not as expensive. However, getting a used iPhone is not that simple, as you have to make sure the unit you are buying doesn’t have any problems, internally or otherwise.

If you’re planning on getting a used iPhone for yourself, here are a few buying tips you need to consider:

Buy only from reputable dealers or individuals

You may be tempted to buy the lowest offer you’ll find online, but always keep in mind the saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. Be skeptical of offers that are unrealistically too low, as these often come with problems that are quite hidden, you won’t find it outright. Always buy used iPhones from reputable and trusted dealers and individuals.

Carrier compatibility

Though most iPhones are made to work with practically all networks, units that have come from certain providers are often locked and may not work with your current carrier. Make sure to clarify if the unit you’re about to buy is unlocked to all networks, so you won’t have a problem using the phone with your current subscription plan.

Check for damages and discuss warranty

Always rigorously check used iPhones for physical and internal damages before purchasing one. There are available tutorials online that can help you determine how to test certain functions on an iPhone. And always discuss warranty terms before purchasing as a safety precaution should anything go wrong.

apple charges $499

Does your iPhone battery need a replacement?

A sloth and underperforming battery is no doubt a nightmare for any iPhone user. What if your phone abruptly shuts down in the middle of a major call with an important client? Now, that’s usual if you are running your phone with a weakened battery. To avoid such mishaps, it’s better to stay updated about your phone’s health. This way, you will be aware where to replace iphone battery before it’s too late.

To check your phone’s battery health, you will first go to Settings.

You can check your battery’s health from Settings-

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Battery
  • Now, move to Battery Health
  • Look for “Maximum Capacity” as well as “Peak Performance Capability”


  • The “Maximum Capacity” section will show the metric of the device’s battery capacity. In other words, it will show the percentage of battery. Follow this guide below to understand the significance of different percentage metrics-
  • 100%– the battery is perfect.
  • 95%- the battery is not in a condition to deliver adequate peak power and phone may shutdown anytime.
  • 79% or less-The battery has badly degraded and you must get immediate replacement

On the other hand, you will need to replace the battery immediately if you get the following messages in the “Performance Management” section:

  1. “This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown… Performance management has been applied…”


  1. “Your battery’s healthy is significantly degraded…An Apple authorized service provider can replace the battery….”

Other signs that signify an urgent need for battery replacement in your iPhone:

  • Backlight getting dimmer compared to what you experience in normal situations
  • Speaker volume getting lower over time
  • You are experiencing stuttering screen while scrolling
  • Reduction in game-rate in game apps
  • App launches taking longer time than usual
  • Phone getting overtly heated in a short time