Build Your Website Through These Top Web Hosting Options Today

Listed are a few top website hosting companies and a detailed review of what they have to offer. But if you need game server services, check out Fatality Server for more information.

# 1

FortuneCity offers a wide variety of web features for almost every need out there. They provide web packages for the average individual who simply wants a personal website, small businesses looking for continued growth, and even already large sized businesses simply wanting a new website host.

FortuneCity’s website hosting plans begin as low as $4.95 per month for a ‘starter’ plan. Included in this plan is 300 mb of storage space, 30 email accounts, website building tools, and web templates. Any individual looking to build their own website and doesn’t mind having to pay a small monthly fee has a good value option with this FortuneCity ‘starter’ plan.

A step up from the ‘starter’ plan is the ‘bronze’ plan. This plan costs $9.95 per month, and includes a free domain name ( The storage space increases to 4.5 gb and 100 email accounts are included along with this plan. Many other additional features are also included, making this ‘bronze’ plan a very attractable option for anyone looking to have their own domain name.

Aside from offering web hosting packages, FortuneCity also offers website design. A simple html designed website costs $499.95, and a $29.95 fee per month for a maintenance plan. However if you feel that you can maintain and update your site yourself, then there is no commitment to having to pay for this maintenance plan.

Additional features that FortuneCity offers include purchasing individual domain names. This service is offered at a very reasonable rate of $8.95.

Finally for the more advanced website developer, FortuneCity also offers free web space with 100 mb, no pop-up ads, and FTP access.

# 2

Tripod offers website packages anywhere from completely free on up to $19.95 per month. With the free package there is no one-time set-up fee and it comes with 20 mb of storage space. Also included in the free package is website building tools, a photo album, a blog tool, and FTP access. Unfortunately because it is a free service, Tripod places ads on your website to cover their costs. If you can stand these ads on your website then this is a great free website option for you.

The best value plan that Tripod offers is their ‘pro’ plan. This option costs $8.95 per month and has a one-time set-up fee of $15.00. A free domain name is included in this plan, as well as email accounts, and subdomains. Most importantly your website will be ad-free with this plan.

Personally, I used Tripod’s free service to build my very first website and I can’t complain with it. It was very simply and easy to understand. Best of all I was able to learn and build my website without having to invest any money into it. If you are a 1st time website builder, I would recommend to use either this service or another free service to begin your website with. You can always upgrade later if you find the need to.

# 3

The best option Homestead offers is that they allow potential customers to try their service for 30 days free! With this valuable option customers are able to design their website, customize it, and actually publish it on the web for free. This option is a great advantage because as a potential customer it is helpful to be able to try a product before you invest a good chunk of change into something you may not like.

Specific features that Homestead offers to website builders include having 2,000 detailed website templates to choose from, a personalized domain name, email addresses with your company’s domain name, visitor tracking information, and a Paypal shopping cart available to add on to your website to increase sales.

The lowest priced option is the ‘starter’ plan for $4.99 a month, and there is also a one-time setup fee of $20. There is a max web page limit of 5, and a domain name is not included in the package however you can buy one as an additional add-on.

Homestead also offers website design at $599.99 for a QuickStart package. This includes up to 5 web pages and 10 photos.

# 4

Yahoo offers 3 main web hosting options. The ‘starter’ plan is $11.95 per month, the ‘standard’ plan is $19.95 per month, and the ‘professional’ plan is $39.95 per month. Added to this monthly charge is a one-time setup fee of $25. However Yahoo usually has special offers and reduced prices for their plans and they sometimes even waive the setup fee all together.

All 3 of these plans include a free domain name and at least 200 email addresses and 5 gb storage space, with the ‘standard’ and ‘professional’ plans having more email and storage space. All plans also come with website building tools to create your website as well as supporting third-party design tools like Dreamweaver and Frontpage.

Yahoo is a very reliable, stable, and trustworthy company. You should be able to count on them being around for awhile and not discontinuing their service like many companies often do.

Final Review

All in all if you do not mind paying a little cash each month to have a website then FortuneCity is the place to go. They offer a huge variety of options for all sorts of needs. However if you prefer to go cheap and try a free website, then Tripod is your choice. Homestead and Yahoo are very popular website building sites as well, and they offer better features than many other website building sites on the web.