Best Sites To Stream Hindi Movies For Free

A huge Bollywood fan and want to binge on all the drama and mysteries and what not? Well, here are a few websites such as 123movies it 2017 english and platforms where you can relieve your inner Bollywood junkie:

  1. Yo Movies

A great website to watch all your favorite Hindi movies online, without having to register or share your credit card information. Yo Movies provides you with all the latest Bollywood movies on every device possible. But you might get irritated because of the cluttered design and multiple ads popping up on your screens.

  1. YouTube

You might have used YouTube for watching all those video clippings, but you can also use it to watch a few selected Hindi films online. YouTube also has paid films, which can be purchased but you can always try to find out your favorite films on it.

  1. Hotstar

Hotstar is a diverse platform offering everything from sports to live events to all the TV series and films in the world. Not everything is free but for a list of Hindi films, you do not have to register to Hotstar and you can simply stream those movies online, without having to pay for them. But the drawback with Hotstar remains where you have to buy Hotstar Premium’s subscription to watch the paid movies and shows.

  1. Voot

An undisputedly popular and versatile platform, Voot is one of India’s major inventions which offers movies, reputed shows on television, some of its own original art-pieces and what not and that too free of cost. You can install the application on your mobile phones or simply browse online, Voot is easy and absolutely free.

  1. Gofilms

Another alternative for Yo Movies, where you can get all the latest Hindi movies online, for free. You do not have to sign up or put any of your information to watch movies on this site.

Hope your Bollywood beast is satisfied and also you can try searching 123movies, a website for all the international shows and films, worldwide!