Best Drill Press For Aluminium Made Materials And Other Goods

Drilling a hole in a metal can be a real problem if you don’t use the right drill press and the correct technique of drilling the hole. Some common metals that require a hole to be drilled in them include steel, aluminium and iron. Let’s discuss some more details about drilling a hole in aluminium and find out the best drill press and the best technique.

A milling machine is always better for drilling a hole in metals, but since aluminium is a relatively soft metal, it is relatively easy to cut through it using a drill press and save the expense on getting a milling machine or borrowing one to use.

Before discussing the best drill to cut through aluminium, here are some basic drilling knowledge before you drill aluminium using a drill press:

  • Always use a correctly sharpened drill. The best drill is a waste if not sharpened correctly.
  • Cutting speed for aluminium is 300-700 FPM. Speed more than 700 FPM would rip the metal and speed less than 300 FPM won’t drill the aluminium.

Therefore, use the correct speed of the drill and aptly sharpened drilling tool.

Features of the best drill press

Durability and strength – A drill press should be durable and strong with the use of quality materials. Since the equipment has to be used repeatedly with a long enough gap of time, therefore a good drill press must be durable for long usage.

Powerful machine – Outer strength is a waste if the machine is not powerful enough to last long and without any problems.

Adjustable settings – Be it big heavy machines or miniature drill presses, they all should have adjustable settings of speed and sharpness for the user to adjust according to the usage of the drill.