4 Financial Tips for quality drug rehab on a tight budget

It’s tough to break-free of addiction. At times, you may require medical intervention if you have been into alcohol or substance abuse for a prolonged time. This is where the rehab programs come to the rescue. But yes, rehab programs are costly and a lot of people struggle to afford it. However, there are multiple ways to save $$$ on drug rehab without compromising on the quality of treatment. The post below offers some insights that will help you to obtain quality drug rehab on a tight budget.

Look for State-funded rehabs

Do you know some State-funded rehab facilities offer complete drug rehab treatment for free? Yes- and others that don’t offer free treatment, charge just a fraction of any private rehab center. These treatment facilities are especially meant for low-income communities. You would just have to submit your income proof to avail the treatment at affordable rates.

Non-profit-funded rehabs

There are some rehab centers that are funded by leading non-profit organizations. These rehab facilities usually offer a no-fee rehab treatment that includes housing, food, counseling and work therapy.

Look for financing facilities

There are some rehab centers that offer different financing plans to choose from. In this case, you won’t have to bear the burden of a lofty one-off fee and you can pay in installments. So, try to find a rehab center that is ready to work out a suitable finance plan as per your specific budget needs.

Go to rehabs funded by grants

The SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) extends grants to multiple rehab centers for offering counseling, therapy and treatment for addiction issues. As a result, these rehab centers generally don’t charge a hefty fee from the patients. So, try to find out a reliable and quality rehab center which is supported by SAMHSA grants.