Sony BDP S3700: Pros and Cons

With the market full of Blu-ray players sony launched its BDP-S3700 Blu-ray player that boasts some good features and performance for its price. You get a number of streaming apps along with a decent disk loading time.

Sony bdp s3700 is a decent player that you can get for yourself. This player falls into the category of more affordable players as well. With the launch of Blu-ray in 2106, there was a growth in the market making 1080p disks quite obsolete. Everyone out there wanted the best quality that was out there that was 4K Blu-ray and this led to the rise of a competitive market in this category. With big guns like Sony, Samsung, and LG they all went out to get the best players in the market. This is where sony launched its BDP S3700 in the market. This player is a decent buy for its price. You get a powerful device for a price of 68$ which is much lower than its competitors.

In addition to Blu-ray buyers also get Play Station now which is quite a bonus at the price range. You also get additional streaming services that you are not getting in other players as well. You get a digital coax, HDMI port, and a USB port for connection purposes and the internet can be connected over wifi or ethernet.

The interface that you get is user-friendly and you can easily manage your favorite services with the remote that features a dedicated Netflix button.

On the downside, the device might get a little choppy as you try to insert text in apps, moreover there is no way for ejecting and inserting disks as you use Netflix. There are several lags as well.

In conclusion, this is a really good device that you can get for a decent price along with the latest features and updates.