Free but Safely Fun Online Games your Elementary Level Kids must try

Most of us who are over 40 often say, ‘when I was a kid, we didn’t have all this computerized stuff. We played outside. We played real games!” But what’s ironic is that many folks in my 40+ age group are just as fond of computer games as kids. Many of us play war games to feel the excitement in front of the screen, or relax while enjoying Situs Judi online.

I have some friends who are gaming junkies. What we tend to forget is that children love online video gaming as much as teens and adults. Internet and gaming safety is a real critical issue as well. It’s often difficult to know where to find safe online game sites for your elementary age children. Here are some safe free online game sites that you can allow your children to explore without worry. Many schools have added these sites to their approved sites. is a cute user-friendly gaming site for elementary kids. There are kids polls and chat sites, but you don’t have to allow them. Kids can also watch cartoons online with Alfy too. There are many educational games to build spelling and math skills. In the web review, I thought that it was clever that kids were told to tell parents and teachers that they were playing the ‘learning games’ not just having fun. The irony is that most all of the games have an educational bent so it’s kind of like Mikey and the Life Cereal. He likes it and it’s good for him!

Yahoo! Kids features over 100 kid-friendly games, plus sneak previews of kid’s shows like Raven and Hannah Montana. Yahoo! has kids ecards, study central with homework helpers, online activities, printables, downloads besides just the free online games. The graphics are pretty impressive. Many people have come to view Yahoo! as a leader in free webware. The kids site is free to use. offers all sorts of safe, free games in all sorts of categories. Students will enjoy racing, shooting, sports and strategy games. You’ll find lots of free puzzles like bubbles, blocks, mazes and tetris style games. There are golf games, dirt bike racing and motocross. Students can play free with only an installed flash player. If they create a user ID and password, they can save scores and be entered in tournaments. Schools allow this site for student use. is another school approved game site. Miniclip has the regular arcade, strategy, puzzles, board games, shooting, sports and racing games. Another feature of Miniclip that I find funny is that it offers games with a political edge, like Presidential Paintball. The shooting games are rated general ‘G’; players launch silly things like bananas, not bullets. Kids of all ages seem to like this game site.

Try these free gaming options from school and teacher approved websites.

Best Starter Pokemon By Region: From Kanto To Sinnoh

Over the years people who played Pokemon have had to decide which starter Pokemon to choose. It was very hard my first time, but I ended siding with Bulbasaur. You can use to help you with your pokemon knowledge. There are several online tools that you can use to enhance your gameplay and knowledge about pokemons. Now was that a mistake or a good move on my part?

Kanto – Charmander

Charmander was probably the most popular starter in the entire series because of it’s looks. It was really cute, but it also was able to evolve into the powerful Charizard. Charmander makes the best starter for Kanto because it evolves into Charizard who has a great move set and it’s types being Fire and Flying aren’t weak to much. Charizard learns great moves like Outrage which is a dragon type move, but it isn’t a dragon making it a big part of anyone’s team. With it’s great Speed and awesome Special Attack makes it a very big powerhouse.

Johto – Totodile

Totodile is the cute, but ferocious looking crocodile Pokemon we loved when we were introduced to the second generation. It’s final form Feraligatr is a huge powerhouse learning great Fighting moves like Superpower and great Water moves like Hydro Pump. All of Feraligtr’s Water moves are great just because of the STAB bonus. Totodile learns a lot of Dark type moves like Crunch so it is a big part of your team. Feraligtr has great Special Attack and Attack so he is very powerful, but his Special Defence is what brings him down. Even with those downfalls it should be your choice to take on Johto.

Hoenn – Mudkip

Mudkip just from it’s popularity on the web should be your choice for Hoenn’s region, but Mudkip is not all about popularity as Mudkip is a very strong Pokemon with great moves. When at it’s final form of Swampert it learns moves like Muddy Water, Earthquake, and even Hammer Arm. Being both Water and a Ground type Pokemon makes it’s weakness to Electric nothing. This Pokemon is like no other as you can defeat trainers with ease. It’s Special Attack and Attack are huge benefactors in battling as Swampert will be very powerful.

Sinnoh – Turtwig

Turtwig the friendly little grass Pokemon of the series’ newest region is the best for it’s newest region. When evolved to TorterraTurtwig loses it’s cuteness and exchanges it for some extremely intense power. Being a Ground and Grass type makes it have more moves available for STAB bonuses. With moves like Earthquake and Leaf Storm at it’s arsenal makes it a big powerhouse. Although Torterra’s speed is really low it can make up with it by it’s Attack, Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense. Torterra all around great Pokemon.

Those were my choices for the best starters of each region of Pokemon.