What are the most popular VPN service providers?

A virtual private network is considered a smart choice for business owners. They will surely keep your data safe and private from dangerous hackers.  Choosing the right VPN service provider can be difficult because so many companies are out there.

If possible, then you should create a particular checklist of the best service providers and consider a genuine one that will able to offer unlimited bandwidth to you. Make sure that you are choosing a VPN service that can protect your website from several data breaches. If you don’t want to compromise essential data of the business, then you must opt for the genuine VPN service provider. You will able to surf on the internet using different types of VPN. The following are the two best cheap VPN services that can be reliable for your business.

  • NordVPN

Nothing is better than NordVPN that is considered one of the great VPN service providers because it is already featuring the different types of server options. Such a fantastic company will able to bypass the region locks of Netflix.  If you want to block the access of hackers, then it would be better to consider NordVPN, which is proven to be great. You will able to keep the transaction secure and private. Apart from that, one must consider TorGuard provides its users with fast and anonymous IP addresses.

  • IPVanish

The majority of the business users are using IPVanish because it is available in more than 75 countries. You will able to use such a VPN with a variety of operating systems. They are offering additional functions like kill switches and others.

In addition,  if you want to protect the data from several data breaches, then you should always opt for the best VPN service provider.

Understanding Consumer Purchasing Behavior

For any business, it is really important that they know about the typical consumer behavior so that they can connect with their consumers more easily. In this article, we are going to look at the 4 basic consumer behavior that is there. As a buyer, there are three things that come into the mind when we go out for shopping. The consumer thinks about how the item they are buying is going to affect them in their daily life. Secondly, they think about the social effect of their purchase. Lastly, they think about their budget and their economic conditions. These are the most common aspects that any consumer thinks about as they go out for shopping. You can get more info about these through Consumer Epic as well.

Generally, there are 4 types of consumer behavior.

1.    Routine response

This is the most common way any consumer behaves. For instance, when we go to any store and look at a certain product we can either buy that product or look for something else in the same category. There is not much of a thought process in this whole process. This is what we call the routine response.

2.    Limited decision making

In this type of behavior, the consumer does a lot of research before they buy any product. They tend to look at all the benefits, all the alternatives, and every other factor that can affect their product. A consumer decides what they will buy according to their budget and they tend to wait until they are financially comfortable about their investment.

3.    Extensive decision making

In this phenomenon, consumers do the most research. There is high financial risk involved with their purchase which is why we see how consumers invest a lot of their time and efforts as they buy something such as a home, a car, or any other big purchase.

4.    Impulsive buying

This is a spontaneous reaction, in which the consumers buy anything that they like and is in their budget. There is no conscious planning involved as well.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR Businessman working at office desk and using computer and objects, coffee, top view,




Start a Weight Loss Blog to Lose Weight

Starting a weight loss blog can be a great way to help you lose even more weight than you otherwise would because it keeps you accountable to your weightloss efforts. You can actually use writing about your weight loss to help you lose more weight. How? With an audience for your blog you will be motivated to keep writing and keep doing your healthy habits. An audience will keep you accountable and you will succeed at losing weight. And in order to get organic traffic you can use this link. With this you will organic traffic for your blog. This way you will a good number of audience and you can keep up with their as well as your weight loss journey.

If you want to start your own weight loss blog then keep reading for easy how-to tips for creating your own weightloss blog.

Start your blog. You can start a free blog for free at websites like blogger or wordpress , or you can learn go further and find out how to start your own weight loss blog on a hosted domain. Having your own blog will motivate you to keep going, especially if you have spent money to start it. Once you decide to create a blog it doesn’t take long to get it up and going.

Set some goals. Set some mini and long term goals that you want to accomplish on your weightloss journey. If you can set goals for losing weight then you will have something to write about on your blog. You can blog about what you are doing to work toward the goals you set and then celebrate when you meet them. You should also set some blogging goals – like writing once a day or tracking your food for a month, etc.

Show off your progress. You can show your weight loss progress through photos or videos that you post on your blog. Don’t be shy about posting the pictures. If you check out other weight loss blogs you will see that many bloggers post their own weight loss progress pictures online. You can use these to motivate yourself and others.

Blog your food and workouts. Many people trying to lose weight have realised it helps them to keep a daily food diary. You can keep track of everything you eat on your blog. You can also track all of your workouts on your blog. Keeping track of these things will help you develop habits, see problems, and keep yourself motivated.

Find readers for your blog. Having people who read your blog will keep you accountable and motivated to your weight loss goals. In the beginning you will have to find your audience. Once you are established they will come to you. Tell all of your family and friends about your blog and encourage them to read it. Reach out to other bloggers through commenting and social media.

Keep the blogging habit. Once you start your blog you need to keep writing. Don’t let it fall to the side of forgotten blogs and projects. Try to write often. The more you write the more likely you will be to keep up your actual weight loss, which is the whole point of the blog.

Blog instead of eating. Blogging can be a great hobby that can fill in the times when you feel like eating but don’t need to. You can always write in your blog about what you are feeling and why, which can help keep you from eating and help you learn about yourself. The more you do it the more you will be able to turn to blogging instead of eating.

Convinced yet? Go start a blog and find out for yourself. It will be worth it!

A Teacher’s Guide to Planning Field Trips for Preschoolers

In preschool, preschoolers learn about the world around them through learning centers, hands-on activities, and dramatic play. Why not transfer that love of learning to an educational field trip? Field trips can be a lot of fun for preschoolers, teachers, and parents. The preschool east gwillimbury does the above activities more often than others, therefore it is the first choice of parents to enroll their kids.

Field trips to the zoo, public library, or to a fire station are great ways for preschoolers to learn about their community. As you plan a field trip for preschoolers, these seven tips will serve as an essential teacher’s guide.

1. Choose the right field trip

The best field trips for preschoolers are those that are both educational and interactive. Preschoolers will more likely stay engage and have fun if the field trip allows them to use most of their five senses.

For example, if you choose a field trip to a garden, then preschoolers would probably use four of their five senses. Preschoolers would see a variety of flowers, touch and smell the flowers, and hear about ways to care for flowers. When in doubt, use your senses as a guide when choosing your next preschool field trip.

2. Visit the field trip location

Visit the location even if you have been there several times. You will likely see the site differently as you look at it as a prospective field trip for preschoolers. On your visit determine the locations of restrooms, eating areas, and emergency exits. Identify possible safety hazards or try to anticipate ways preschoolers can get into trouble. Preparing for possible problems will be key to planning a successful field trip. If you do have any concerns, write them down so that you can review them with the site coordinator.

3. Organize essential paperwork

Since all preschools have their own special paperwork for field trips, make sure to closely follow your school’s guidelines. Send field trip permission slips home early so preschoolers have ample time to return them. Create a folder with emergency contact information for each child, the school’s contact information, and other emergency numbers in your folder. You may also want to include contact information of chaperones, the field trip site coordinator, and the company in charge of transporting your class to the field trip.

4. Plan for snack time

Prior to your field trip, determine the amount of packed lunches or snacks you will need. Even if the children are in charge of bringing their own snack, bring extras just in case a child forgets. Keep all food in a cooler to prevent any food safety issues.

5. Plan for the worst

What will you do if a preschooler becomes separated from the rest of the group? What if a child gets hurt? Help prevent situations like these by planning ahead. Make sure to bring a first aid kit with you for minor cuts and injuries.
Having each child wear a name tag with the school’s contact information clearly visible, can also be helpful. If at all possible, see if your preschool can purchase field trip t-shirts that are the same color, so that you can easily track each child.

6. Account for each child

Give each preschooler the responsibility of knowing at all times the whereabouts of a fellow preschooler. By doing this, it encourages preschoolers to be more vigilant of each other and their surroundings. You should also perform several head counts during the entire field trip. Count how many preschoolers you have before you get to the location, once you arrive, during lunch time, before you leave the location, and once you arrive back at the preschool. Doing these regular check ups can help ensure that each child returns safely back to school.

7. Practice correct field trip behavior with preschoolers

Field trips can range from a casual setting to a professional one, but preschoolers need to know that good classroom behavior is still expected at all times. Take some time to practice with preschoolers how to walk in a line quietly and to listen and follow directions given by the teacher. You may want to role-play correct field trip behavior in the dramatic play area. Practicing correct field trip behavior now, will save you from a lot of frustrations later on.

Field trips with preschoolers can be both fun and educational. Hopefully these tips will help build the ground work to a successful field trip.

How to Make Money in Happy Island – Facebook Application

If you are looking for an easy way to make money in Happy Island and want some simple tips to get coins in this Facebook application, then this is the place for you. Here are six simple tips to get coins and make money in Happy Island. This Facebook application is one of the more fun and easy games to play and you have every chance to get coins and make money in Happy Island. situs judi is your guide here. You will be provided with legit advice and ways through which you can make money of Happy Island on facebook.

Clean the Island – In Happy Island, when you clean your island you will make money each time you do this. Having a clean island will not only help your own island, but it will give you a better appearance to your other Facebook friends. Facebook friends will be visiting your “Happy Island,” and if you want to impress them and make money in Happy Island then you should keep your island constantly clean.

Collect From Buildings – On this Facebook application, when your buildings that you create are two-thirds full you are able to collect money from your buildings that you build. On Happy Island, you can use this money that you have just made to build more buildings and get upgrades. This system is how it becomes easy to make money in Happy Island. Collecting from your buildings is the easiest way to make money in Happy Island and is a sure fire way to get coins in Happy Island.

Visiting Neighbors – Each time you visit your neighbors in Happy Island you are able to get coins. Most Facebook applications use this tactic in order to encourage more people to join their application. This is probably the easiest way to make money in Happy Island. All you need to do to get coins in the Facebook application, Happy Island, is to click on the trash that has accumulated in the water. This will effectively get rid of the trash that is in your neighbor’s island and will give you a decent amount of consistent coins to put toward your island.

Sell Off Old Decorations – Though this is not one of the more reliable ways to make money in Happy Island, it is a way to get coins in a quick spurt to fund that new building that you have been trying to save for. If you have any decorations on your island then it might be smart to just get rid of some of them in order to make money in Happy Island. Though you won’t get a lot of coins, it is still something that can easily help on this Facebook application.

Upgrade Your Attractions – This is the best way to make money in Happy Island. This is also the biggest investment to get coins that you can make in Happy Island. Because you have to spend money to make this strategy work, this might not seem attractive to do at first. Though this is true, the best longterm way to make money in Happy Island and get coins is to simply invest in upgrading your buildings.

Spend Real Money – Though you actually have to spend your real money to get coins in this strategy, it can still be worth it if you are seriously trying make money in Happy Island. This is the most expensive way to make money in Happy Island and get coins, but you must invest some real money to do this. If you are a busy worker, or simply do not have enough time to spend on Facebook applications, investing a little bit of money just might be the best way to get coins on this Facebook application.

10 Practical Ways to Lose Weight: Switching to Wheat Flour to Drinking Water

You read and hear every day how to lose weight from everyone. Some ideas about weight loss are just outright insane, while others are found in the realm of common sense. Here are ten practical things I do to lose weight. I have lost more than 60 pounds by my method. So try it; it may work for you.

1. Drink water. Drinking a full 8 ounce glass of water when I wake up and then another right before each meal, curbs my appetite. I also drink water throughout the day. If I feel I want chocolate, I don’t necessarily deprive myself but I make sure to drink a glass of water before I eat the chocolate, and then wait fifteen minutes. If I still want the chocolate I eat it, but because of the water I feel fuller and don’t eat as much of the tasty treat.

2. Change all white flour products to wheat flour. Wheat flour is much more filling and has a lot more flavor. If I am baking something that requires white flour, I substitute half of the white flour for whole wheat. It tastes wonderful and you get more fiber and again it makes you feel fuller. I substitute rice cakes for multi grain cakes, flour tortillas for wheat or multigrain tortillas. They are better for you and they are more filling.

3. I make sure that when I cook I don’t make enough for leftovers for the next day. They are just too tempting to want to eat as a late-night snack.

4. I don’t eat after 8 p.m. I feel so much better when I don’t eat late at night. This can be a hard one because this is when most people eat and relax. So if you’re going to have a snack, make sure it is before eight o’clock. This gives your body a break from digesting while you sleep. I always ‘feel’ so much lighter in the morning whenever I do this.

5. I take a green tea supplement containing caffeine. The green tea supplement helps curb my appetite and the caffeine increases energy.

6. I don’t deprive myself. I eat anything that I want except that I make sure that it is in a smaller portion. Only one scoop of ice cream instead of three or one piece of meat instead of two.

7. I use the salad dressing spritzers. The calories on the spritzers are incredibly low, yet the flavor is wonderful. There are only 10 calories in 10 sprays and the flavors taste as good as the regular dressings. Regular dressings have 120 to 150 calories for 2 tablespoons. You can have a tasty salad with as much spritzer as you want without losing the flavor.

8. I purposely leave things upstairs so that I have to take extra walks up the stairs. I used to try to get everything that I wanted from upstairs in one armful but now I take the extra trip. I park far away from any store I go to and walk the extra steps. Every step counts.

9. I don’t beat myself up if I have a ‘free for all’ food day. It happens. As long as it doesn’t happen all the time, there is nothing wrong with having a day where you blow it; no need to beat yourself up over it. Everyone experiences this and it’s okay as long as you get back to watching what you eat. Love yourself for who you are and love yourself for who you will be when you lose the extra weight. Having a healthy mental attitude about yourself will help tremendously. Read books that make you happy, and laugh. Get your mind off your weight.

10. Enjoy life now. I enjoy every moment of life now. Don’t think that you can’t enjoy life until you are the size you want to be. You can love life now, and even love it more when you fit in those jeans you’ve had your eyes on.

Just by changing a few physical habits, as well as some mental ones, you will soon become the size you have always wanted to be.

Also a good boost in testosterone can also work wonders where you can find relevant supplements and the testogen review 2019 is what you should read to get to know the current best one in this regard.

Left4Dead: Xbox or PC?

Left4Dead, Valve’s latest title to utilize the Source engine, is already developing a following, especially within the Steam (Valve’s content delivery and online gaming system). While we still don’t know if the game will be good, great, or mediocre, a lot of people seem to agree: It won’t be bad.

When Valve announced it plans to release the title on both the Xbox360 and Steam, some of us found ourselves engaged in an age-old argument now directly specifically at Valve, and their Source-engine titles. Looking from a financial standpoint, there is no arguing what the company stands to gain from releasing Left4Dead on a console, however what does the gamer have to gain from it? So this is a big question for gaming community. There are several pros and cons with both the gaming platform which can not be ignored by anyone. To help you decide what is best for you according to you gameplay and budget, xe88 is the best option that is out there in the market.

Xbox: While it may be more relaxing to play the game while laying on a couch, and holding a controller rather than hunched over a computer desk, that lounge-like set up can be emulated by a clever gamer, with HD or S-video cords, a wireless mouse and keyboard. Consoles, to my experience, are also usually more reliable than computers, in terms of connection loss, and system errors. The last benefit I can think of is that some PC users may have to scale down the levels of detail to the run the game smoothly, but all of the console gamers are ensured the exact same experience as each other (although some may remember that the Orange Box’s Xbox360 version was about the same as a PC set to medium detail, Left4Dead will probably follow this example).

PC: The benefits of PC are a different story. The hordes of gamers used to Half-Life 2, Day of Defeat, CounterStrike, Portal and Valve’s other titles with heavy PC following will probably have an easier time mastering Left4Dead. Another one of the biggest advantages is the Steam content delivery system itself. Those who buy the game on Steam won’t have to be wait in any lines, or preorder the game to play it on it’s release date, and they will also have the benefit of never needing a disc, or worrying about losing or destroying their game. Steam automatically rebuilds the necessary files, if anything gets deleted (or is deleted because of corruption). The last pro-steam point would be that traditionally, games purchased over Steam are usually $5-$10 less expensive than their console counterparts (the Orange Box again provides an example of this).

The biggest selling point of the PC version, however, isn’t Steam’s benefits, it isn’t comfort, and it isn’t reliability. It’s the one thing Source games have become known for. Custom content. According to most recent announcements, the game will ship with four campaigns, and for the Xbox users, that is it for awhile. However, given the availability and number of people proficient with the Source Standard Development Kit and the map-editor, Hammer, the PC crowd can undoubtedly expect a plethora of user-made modifications, new maps, and possibly even models. Eventually, the core game scripting itself will be subject to user modification, for better or worse.

In closing, while both the PC and Xbox versions of the game will probably have their benefits, and using the Orange Box as the precedent, I would recommend the PC release, since it offers the one thing the Xbox will always have difficulty offering: the versitility and replayability a game achieves when it is subject to modification and custom content. Two weeks after Left4Dead is released, and all the people who bought it the day it came out have beaten the game, gotten most of the achievements, and figured out how their ‘revolutionary’ director-AI thinks, the PC-players will already have a handful of good new maps (and about a thousand made out of orange rectangles) to play.

Playstation Home Delayed, Again

The Playstation Home has been delayed yet again. This marks the second huge delay for Sony’s online community service. The Playstation Home was first shown at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2007. It immediately made a splash for its ambitious features: a virtual world where you could chat, play games, watch movies, visit game spaces, view your trophy collection (which can be earned by achieving certain aspects to a game; think Achievements for the Xbox 360) and more. Furthermore, Playstation Home was to be free of charge for consumers; revenue will be earned from in-game advertisements and optional micro transactions.

Its debut didn’t come without criticism, however. Many people thought that the project was a little over ambitious and doubted if Sony can really pull it off without the need of a paying subscription service. Others don’t really see what the fuss was all about as they see the Playstation Home as nothing more than a Second Life clone. Still, even with different vantage points, everyone anticipated the release of Playstation Home.

Sony originally had a schedule to roll out the Playstation Home service to Playstation 3 gamers in 2007. A closed beta would have taken place from April to August, followed by an open beta for August to October and the full release in October. As the year passed, however, the Playstation Home simply disappeared with the exception of an appearance at E3.

The Playstation Home started the closed beta phase in April of 2007. The beta was extremely limited with several of promised features missing. Although Sony later upgraded the service, it was still a far cry from what was previously envisioned and shown. Because of this, a lot of people suspected that the Playstation Home will see a delay.

Expectations were made into reality when Sony announced in September during the Tokyo Game Show that they have pushed Playstation Home back to spring 2008. That was heartbreaking for both fans and Sony, who had counted on Playstation Home being one of the main selling points for the Playstation 3 during the holiday season.

2008 came and Playstation Home seems to be on the horizon. Some Playstation 3 games were using a reward type system that many speculate to be compatible with the trophies system from the Playstation Home. Hopes were dashed once again with the latest delay announcement, however.

The Playstation Home is now expected to have an open beta test in the fall of this year. The year-old closed beta test will be extended through the summer. The final release date is nowhere in sight but Sony said they will gradually roll out with new updates and features. The Playstation Home that was shown Game Developer’s Conference in 2007 is going to take awhile, to say the least. Today, new online games are being created like situs judi online terpercaya and they are expected to develop even better in the future.

How Glee Tweet uses Social Media the wrong way

Fox  & Twitter Social Losers in Over-hyped Tweet-Peats
Once a gleek, always a gleek. Fox’s “Tweet-Peat” rebroadcast of the fantastic pilot Glee in partnership with Twitter was a lame, over-hyped, excruciatingly frustrating exercise in how not to use social media that was being touted as the coolest application in social media.

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Glee Tweet-Peat – The Hype
Pre-Tweet-Peat, Fox was heavily promoting through Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets for fans to join the broadcast to see live broadcast Tweets from Glee cast members. Fox thought it was being clever when someone in their social media department added the terms “Gleek”  amp; now “Tweet-Peat” to the lexicon of the hip, social media terms. But Glee’s Tweet-Peats and what I hear of Fox’s other Tweet-Peat experiment with Fringe has given Tweet-Peat a bad name.

Fox Stutters on Initial Glee Tweet-Peat
The Glee broadcast starts, tweets are flying on the hashtag #glee and @GleeOnFox with loyal fans eagerly anticipating the simulcast Twitter tweet-peats on Fox. Then for the first 14 minutes of the show, nothing. No Tweets. Just a regular broadcast. Now duh, you have Twitter to get out an instant message, why wouldn’t the producers of Glee just send out a Tweet saying we’re having technical difficulties? We gleeks patiently wait. Then a promising white screen blanks out one of the audition scenes. At least something is happening. Seconds must have spilled over into minutes and before you know it we’re into the first commercial break with nary a tweet.

Lame Tweets from Glee Cast
The cast from Glee proved their social media manners were gleeky. No introductions like “Hey, I’m Lea Michele and play Rachel Berry, thank you guys for waiting”. Instead, the cast members chose to waste Fox’s valuable broadcast time with self-indulgent personal shout-outs to their family and select friends totally excluding all the fans that had been standing by waiting for 140 character tidbits.

One-Sided Conversation
It seemed like the Tweets were unmoderated and in fact, it seemed like the other cast members, Kevin McHale who plays wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams and Mark Salling who plays football star bully Puck were in different locations and had not discussed what would go on ahead of time. Lea Michele proved that she could type the fastest and kept trouncing Kevin McHale’s tweets but for what, her lame observations were as annoying as her character.

Glee Tweet-Peat on Fox Confusing
What made the tweet-peat so frustrating is that Fox would interject send your questions in and it was unclear if the hashtag #glee should be used or @GleeOnFox. It didn’t matter because cast members weren’t bothering to answer questions. The only person who attempted to answer viewer tweets was Kevin McHale. When questions were answered, it was sometimes out of context with no reference to the original question.

Glee Tweet Peat
The social media experiment between Fox and Twitter was an excruciating failure. A for effort. the p.r. department proved it could get the word out. F for the engineering team. D for cast members lame tweets. B for Kevin McHale attempting to rise to the social media occasion and actually do what the Glee Tweet Peat promised. Plus where was Cory Monteith who places Finn or the other Glee hottie Matthew Morrison who plays teacher Will Schuester or Jane Lynch’s comedic touch would have been welcome. All Fox & Twitter proved is that pop-up video & DVD commentaries are still far more interesting than tweet peats. A C+ for Fox & Twitter on trying. Next time, perhaps, interaction with fans, moderated discussion and relevant talking points provided to cast members would have made the tweet peats less gleeky and far cooler.

Balloon Animals: Every Child’s Fantasy

Children are the most beautiful gifts from god that any parent would aspire for. Even today, a child’s voice is considered to be the sweetest voice ever heard and there is no other voice to equal or rival it.

There is an underlining fact that right from infancy, most of the children have a mean streak in their nature and attitude. They are the ones who call the shots and their every wish is like a command to their parents.

We all go through the same phase and all children are the same at that age so the parents find it amusing when their offspring behaves in such a way as that is exactly what they should be.

Children find a whole lot of things around them amusing as see everything and take in the surroundings they are coming across and the world they are inhabiting. Apart from toys, they also enjoy colorful balloons that they enjoy playing with.

As they are colorful, balloons are of greater interest to the children than anything else and want to hold it in their tiny hands the moment they lay their eyes on it, unable to control their excitement.

The balloon animals are what they are fond of the most and as it is easy to relate to them as animals too are living beings and arouse the curiosity of the kids. You can find many such balloon workshops in your vicinity to learn the art of balloon sculpting.

There is a book called ‘Balloon Sculpting’ that will teach you the fine art for making balloon animals, alongwith an assortment of games and toys that the children will definitely enjoy.

A guide book with useful tips is one that the children will enjoy learning this new craft as balloon sculpting will also come in handy for them in the future.