What Are The Various Categories Of Lawyers?

To maintain harmony among the people of the nation and to ensure safety, equality, and justice, the law is necessary. To represent the people involved, there are lawyers. The lawyers are of different types according to the case they are handling. For example, here, the lawyer dealing with criminal cases are called criminal lawyers. They are three essential kinds of criminal lawyers that you will find below. Also, see why Philadelphia criminal appeals lawyers and they help the criminals!

  1. The prosecutor: this is the category of the lawyers we all know about. The prosecutor is the lawyers who protect the interest of the survivor who was affected or the victim. The prosecutor also investigates the crime with the police and takes the case in the court legally. This person works to prove that the accused is guilty and seeks justice for his client.
  2. Public defense lawyer: The civil defense lawyers protect the interest of the people who cannot afford to pay significant amounts to seek justice and file case in the court. This type of lawyer is appointed y the courts under the guidance of the state government. This is a full day employed job.
  3. Private defense lawyer: The private defense lawyer is the one who protects the interest of the person who is accused by the victim. He also investigates the crime scene and brings out the hidden or lied aspects of the case. This person works to prove that the accused is innocent and seeks justice for his client.

Long story short, you do not know who is right and who is wrong unless and until you understand both the sides of the story. Thus is it essential that both the accused and the abused get a lawyer to represent them.