10 Football Cards That Are Worth A Lot Of Money

Football cards are not as immensely popular in the eastern part of the world as they are in the Western countries of the United States and Canada.

The cards depict pictures of the players of the national football league and also some of their key statistics. A few of these cards are especially valuable as they have the authentic autograph of the player on it. However, these are very rare. Most of the cards, these days, have a unique serial number over it, signifying that they are a part of a very limited edition of cards. These cards generally cost a fan quite a fortune, which means you need a dedicated love for the game to get these cards. Many fans also use these cards as a bet in soccer matches; several taruhan bola terpercaya bet with these cards.

Ten most valuable cards

  • Leaf chuck Bednarik rookie card, 1948 – This card costs a fan some $30,000 (an estimate) as it is a part of the very popular leaf set of 1948.
  • Playoff Contenders Ticket Peyton Manning Rookie Football Card, 1998 – this one is an autographed card with an estimated worth of $42,500.
  • Leaf Bobby Layne Rookie Card, 1948 – This card sets a bid for around $ 45,000.
  • Leaf Sid Luckman Rookie Card, 1948 – the card has an estimated cost of $46,500.
  • Goudey Sport Kings Jim Thorpe, 1933 – This card from 1933 costs of a good fan sum of some $85,000.
  • Topps Bart Starr Rookie Card, 1957 – this rookie card costs an estimate of $1,25,000. The card on the halfway to our top 10 is not even close to half the number 1.

  • Topps Johnny Unitas Rookie Card, 1957 – with a bid of $1,40,000 this rookie card is on number
  • Topps Joe Namath Rookie Card, 1965 – On number 3 is the bid for $1,50,000.
  • Topps Jim Brown Rookie Card, 1958 – with the second-highest bid of $2,25,000, the rookie card takes number 2.
  • National Chicle Bronko Nagurski Rookie Card, 1935 – Number 1 comes close to a million dollars with an estimated worth of 7,50,000.

Archery Training Helps You To Improve Your Game And Get Success

Archery is a great sport in which you get to learn the skills of using a bow and an arrow. Players that play archery are known as archers, and to be an expert archer and want to improve shooting skills, one must take proper archery training. In archery, the archer needs to be more focused on shooting and must ignore all the distractions to play efficiently. If you want to earn knowledge regarding the poker card rankings then you should check out the Poker Online at different online sources.

In archery training, the archer is trained with many drills that help boost up brainpower and can skills. The most important key to success is practice, and one must keep practicing all the drills at home as homework. Let us know about the archery training and what it includes:-

  1. Visualization

The archers always dream of making the perfect shot by having an exact goal. The Visualization must be to get success, and by imagining yourself in the tournaments will help you to gain confidence and also boost up your mind to think positive.

  1. Setting up a Specific Goal

You need to set your goal and must always dream about fulfilling it as this will help you to achieve your goal. You need to keep on increasing your goal and aim to achieve it every time a goal is achieved.

  1. Glass Half Full

An archer must have an optimistic attitude with the theory of glass half full. A person must not look at the half-empty glass; this will not improve their mental strength.

Archery training is an excellent practice as this will improve your focus and also helps in boosting up the mental strength. An archer must know all the drills that help boost up the confidence.