3 Tips To Keep Your Online Reputation Clean

It is a known fact these days that your resume isn’t just going to cut it. It’s not the only thing that employers and HRs check before they hire you. They’ll search you up on the internet. They’ll check any record of you before giving you a chance to work for their company. And as alarming as all that is, it’s really true: you have an online reputation and it’s going to show whether you’re clean or not.

Of course you can change. You can also keep your online reputation squeaky clean. How do you do that? Check out these 3 tips how:


It starts within yourself. If you think you have bad working habits like partying till the wee hours of the morning on a weekday knowing you’ll get to work late on the next day, then you need to cut down on it. Spot all these things that can hinder you from doing a good job at work and change them for the better.

Clean Your Social Media

Employers and HRs usually search you up on the internet hoping to come across your name on a social media site where they’ll look up photos of you and the ones you’re tagged with. This makes them judge you easier if you fit their working standards. It’s unfair but that’s what really happens out there.

To solve this, don’t give them a reason to judge you. Make sure your social media is well secured that outsiders won’t be able to see your photos. Don’t fuel their curiosity by limiting the photos you post. Too much information given online is also dangerous so be sure not to give out a lot.

Make An Online Portfolio

Put your resume up online like at LinkedIn. That way, future employers won’t only have a social media account to base on but also your works. For instance, hire a Las Vegas SEO expert to work on your online portfolio to build it up professionally.

Follow these tips to keep your online reputation credible and clean.