Types Of Different Pavement Signs

No matter which country or city you reside in or are visiting you will be greeted with multiple pavement signs. Each pavement sign signifies a different meaning and is used for various purposes. While road signs are usually put up to guide civilians to their destination, or inform of them traffic rules or parking information, pavement signs are vastly different. Pavement signs are usually put up by cafes, companies, organizations etc to advertise their products and services by attracting the customers using lucrative offers. They are an effective and simple method to advertise without you having to spend a huge sum of money or put in any actual effort. Betonamprentat is a Romanian company that exclusively specializes on decorative pavements. You can also employ their help for choosing a pavement sign according to your need. It is important to decide how you want to advertise your product or service and select your preferred type of sign accordingly.

The various kinds of pavement signs are:

  • A-Board Signs: These sign boards are usually found outside cafes, restaurants, boutiques etc with messages scribbled onto to them usually advertising a special offer, slashed prices or sale. The boards are strong, durable and sturdy and are available at a low cost. Some of these A-Board signs may also have posters placed inside.
  • Forecourt signs: Forecourt signs are usually designed to be heavier so that they can have stronger resistance and durability compared to other signs. These pavement signs are much bigger in size and have flashy displays to immediately capture interest of passersby. They are made with enough pomp and glory so that they are difficult to miss. One is likely to find forecourt signs in vast open areas such as garages, open parking spaces, popular streets, movie theaters etc.
  • Swing Board Signs: As the name suggests these pavement signs are displays found hanging or swinging from strong metal frames. They are bright and colorful and can be easily spotted thus making them a very popular medium of advertising. The cost of such sign boards is much less when compared to forecourt signs and they are thus much more in number. However they are not very wind-resistant.