10 Must Have PC Gaming Accessories

Gaming on the P.C. is a completely different breed from console gaming, and P.C. gamers are a different species to their console relatives. A different species, with different tools. Millions of tools. How to choose? Choose a reasonable price range, and read on.

The first thing you need to choose, is a keyboard. The keyboard is usually the main input device of a P.C. game, so shelling out a good amount of your budget on this, makes for good sense.

Saitek Eclipse

Price: $24 new www.google.com

This is the cheapest keyboard option. Has lighting, good quality keys, volume controls, and adjustable height.

Logitech g15

Price: $70 new, $40 used. www.google.com

This keyboard has 6 programmable keys, back-lit keys, volume control, media center controls, detachable palm rest, cable management, and the crowning glory, a LCD screen for game statistics. Is an oldie, but a goodie, if you can find it.

Razer Lycosa

Price: $61 new www.google.com

My favorite keyboard on this list, it’s the best looking, with all the features of the g15 minus the LCD (personally I think the LCD is pointless, but you might like it) The keys are also extremely responsive as they are keycap – more like laptop keys, than desktop keys, which I find bulky. However, it is the most expensive, assuming you don’t pay full price for the g15.

A gaming mouse. A specialised gaming mouse, is just as essential as a specialised keyboard. When playing agaisnt top class competition, a jitter of the cursor, or the ability to press a button on your mouse to launch a RPG or change tactics, could be the vital difference between victory and defeat.

Microsoft Sidewinder X3

Price: $27 new www.google.com

The cheapest mouse option, and excellent value for the money. Left and right mouse buttons, adjustable DPI (how precise the mouse is – you want it to be precise in shooters, for example when you’re using an assault rifle, but when you switch to a sniper rifle, lowering the dpi, will make it less jittery, and easier to control), and programmable buttons on either side of the mouse. This mouse fits the average size hand quite well. Just like your gamer shirt, this mouse is also affordable and yet can provide you the best gaming experience without any error and inconvenience. So, when it come sto mouse choices, Miscrosoft Sidewinder is a great deal!

Logitech G500

Price: $55 new www.google.com

The middle priced option, this has more bells and whistles than the Sidewinder. This has three programmable buttons insteadof the Sidewinder’s two, and theyre all on the thumb side, which makes them easier to use, than having one on the thumb and one on the pinky. Has the left and right mouse buttons, of course, the scroll wheel is clickable, and also tilts both left and right, and has a slider which control how quickly the wheel scrolls. Also has two buttons for adjusting the DPI.

Razer Imperator

Price: $59 new www.google.com

The most expensive option, you usually cant find this for less than around $65. This has an very easily clicked scroll wheel, two DPI adjusters, the two mandatory mouse buttons, and the cream of the crop, progammable thumb buttons, which are movable, to better fit your hand. This sounds silly, but is actually extremely useful. For example, on the Sidewinders big brother the X8, I can’t reach the buttons on the side of the mouse. No such problem the Imperator. Its also a great looking mouse, like most Razor products.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Price: $25 www.google.com

Not exactly a mouse, but definitely a controller. Some games, you just need the console controller, and in my opinion, the Xbox 360 rules the field, at least when it comes to controllers. How lucky for us that there’s a cheap Xbox 360 controller made for the P.C. than, isn’t it! A must have.

Sound. Most people dont think of sound when they play their games, but boy, does it add atmosphere. Left 4 Dead with Christmas jingles? It just takes out some of the atmoshpere, don’t you think?

Razer Carcharias

Price: $65 new www.google.com

Extremely comfortable, quality sound, stays on your head, great microphone and great bass lines, when you’re listening to music. Nothing bad to say about this, worth the money. It’s 5.1, which is why it’s cheaper, as the sound quality is supposed to be of lesser quality than headsets of the 7.1 sort.

Logitech G35

Price: $92 new www.google.com

This is the 7.1 surround sound headset option. More expensive than Razor’s 5.1 offering, if money’s no object, go for this. The surround sound makes it so that you can literally tell where people are in your game from the noises they make,as the noises are directed from the different positioned speakers inside your headset. Very comfortable, and comes with three programmable keys as well, and the microphone includes a voice morphing tool.

Have fun!!! These tools of war, of war and fun, should give you an edge over any of the competition.